15 Essentials Items for Road Trip

15 Essentials Items for Road Trip - wolfboxdashcamera

15 Essentials Items for Road Trip

"Oh! I forgot my portable source, and my phone is running out of juice."

"The man in the seat next to me was chatting loudly and I wanted to listen to some music, but I didn't bring my headphones, oh my God!"

Have you ever been on a trip and felt awkward because forgot to bring a small item? I believe you must have experienced the above scenario. To prevent this from happening again, today we're going to talk about the road trip essentials list and there are 15 essential items for road trips listed below. Make sure they're in your suitcase before you go!

01. Personal documents——No. 1 of essentials items for road trips

Now technology is overwhelmingly developed. You don’t need to take Paper tickets, cash, or credit cards which are necessary for the past journey with you as mobile phones can take over their functions. But an ID card and passport are indispensable! It can rank first in the essential items for a road trip.

At the same time, keep the electronic version or copy of your ID card and passport. The electronic version can be stored in your mobile phone or cloud disk, or printed out and stored in your backpack in case your personal documents are stolen.

02. Dash cams like WOLFBOX 12 mirror dash cam

Dash cams can not only help us avoid a fraud crisis, but also record the scenery and surprises we encounter along the way. It is one of the road trip essentials for cars. Take the WOLFBOX 12 mirror dash cam as an example, the power of this dash cam can help you solve at least three major problems in road travel.

In addition, there are a lot of unexpected situations when you're on a road trip. Unfortunately, in the event of an accident, a good dash cam can help you record everything that happens in the vicinity of your car at a critical moment, ensuring your safety in all aspects.

Logo recognition problem

Equipped with a 12-inch 4K mirror front camera and WDR rear camera, WOLFBOX g850 helps you read the key details like road signs, and vehicle number plates and offers better-defined details through a super clear and smooth video experience.

The problem of driving at night

The WOLFBOX 12 mirror dash cam has super night vision. Both front and rear cameras of WOLFBOX g850 feature WDR/HDR technology to capture clear, lifelike images in even the most demanding lighting conditions, never darkened or corrupted by shadows, glare, reflections, and sunlight. Even on rainy and snowy nights, WOLFBOX G850 rear view mirror backup camera brings you more realistic images.

Reverse problem

The rear cam flip & mirror function of WOLFBOX g850 makes this dash cam perfectly compatible with the vehicle that you travel for driving. When reversing, after connecting the red wire of the WOLFBOX 12 mirror dash cam to the positive electrode of the reverse light, the reverse line appears when you turn to "R" gear. Simultaneously, the streaming media of the WOLFBOX g850 enlarges the scene behind the car by 1.5 times to provide a wider field of view, so you can look around and back up easily.

03. Mobile phone charger, charging cable, portable source

Booking tickets, payment, booking hotels, booking scenic spots, and checking the guideline, the mobile phone is our portable computer which can be extremely convenient to complete a variety of travel matters. It is so important, your phone crashes especially when it's out of power, so be sure to bring a power bank, charger, and charging cable!

04. Toiletries and skincare products

When taking public transport, especially when taking an airplane, there are clear requirements on the volume of liquid toiletries and skin care products. Quite a few people find it troublesome and simply do not bring them. And they think the hotel will be fully equipped anyway, so why take it with them? But we don't clear what toiletries and skincare products the hotel will provide and whether they are suitable for our skin, so take them with you!

Many grocery stores will sell small skincare containers that you can purchase and put to your regular use. Provided that you're fretting about leaking liquids due to heavy luggage, put the smaller container in a plastic makeup bag.

05. Hand sanitizer and wet wipes

Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are sanitary travel items that must be kept in your bag at all times. When you go to a restaurant, you can wipe your hands with wet wipes and disinfect utensils.

06. Noise-canceling headphones

Even if you don't plan on sleeping in the car, it can come in handy when there is a man who speaks loudly next to you. Listening to your favorite music, and looking out the window at the scenery, you will be in a very good mood!

07. Kettle or thermos cup

Especially in winter, drinking mineral water is too cold and may lead to stomach trouble facilely! This is the reason that you need a thermos, preferably one with a lid that can be used as a cup! This is simple to cool down and not be scalded by high water temperature!

Of course, a thermos cup is not suitable for summer, the weather which is relatively hot should bring a sports kettle is more appropriate! Making your own water is much safer than buying it from outside! Plus some places don't even sell water! This is why you need a sports kettle!

08. Spare dry food

The food can be compressed cookies, regular cookies, or a cake or bread that can be stored for a long time! Bringing your own food doesn't usually come in handy, but when you're stuck in traffic on a long bus ride, going to a less-developed island or mountain, and arriving at your lodging in the middle of the night without feeling like eating instant noodles, your dry food will be useful!

A few pieces of chocolate: Tourism areas are often unpredictable, once into the bleak wet, mountain wind, cold and hungry situation, a few pieces of chocolate are the hope to hold on. It's best to have a few pieces of beef jerky on hand, which will prolong the fight against hunger and lift the spirits.

09. Comfortable clothes and shoes

When traveling outside, the weather is changeable. When the destination is far away, the road may pass through mountains and rivers along the way, catch up with rain, snow and frost, and sometimes the weather can change greatly after out of the tunnel, so it is necessary to prepare a few thick and thin clothes with different functions.

Packing a pair or two of comfortable shoes, such as travel shoes or hiking shoes, they can make your vacation more relaxing! Simple and comfortable shoes can make it very easy to walk around and explore. What’s more, they are lighter which can also help lighten the burden on your suitcase!

10. Toolbox

After summarizing the food and clothing, let's look at the tool classes in essential items for a road trip. A lot of people tend to overlook the toolbox. They think that because they already have the tools for the car, the toolbox is no longer necessary. In fact, there are so many unknowns on a road trip that it's impossible to predict what kind of problems your car will have.

For example, when walking at night, the headlights suddenly don't work; the chassis hit the ground and the engine guard came off; because of the vibration, somewhere is loose and clanging, and so on. These are not serious problems, but they seriously affect our mood on the trip. Therefore, it is very necessary to go out with a set of tools. When choosing to buy tools, don't just pursue low prices. Because cheap tools are difficult to achieve a certain level of strength, they can cause problems if used too many times, especially with screwdrivers.

In addition, electrical tape, adhesive, binding, flashlight, tire repair tools, and other things do not forget to carry, these seemingly insignificant things often play a vital role.

11. Raincoat

We don't know when it will rain hard or when it will be sunny! A raincoat takes up very little space but is one of the useful road trip essentials for a car on rainy days. With it, you can go out and explore even on rainy days and enjoy a trip in the rain. And generally, rainy days will be accompanied by the temperature drop, raincoat can also play a good role in keeping warm.

12. Home first aid kit

It's a good idea to carry a home first aid kit filled with medications when traveling. Pain relievers, Band-Aids, other common medicines, and medical necessities can be used during the trip! When you have a cold, indigestion, or an accidental bump or fall, you can easily use a first aid kit instead of running around looking for help.

A small number of anti-inflammatories and Coptis Chinensis are important items to ensure that travel will not be wasted in the middle. I'll add a little rule of thumb here, and that is please bring a small piece of clean ginger. When you have acute enteritis, diarrhea, and abdominal pain, take a small piece of ginger, for just a few minutes, and everything is fine.


13. Charging pump

Highways and national highways are different from the streets we drive on, which are not cleaned every day. This explains why cars are more likely to get a puncture on long journeys. Because there are more big trucks on the high speed and national road, the tires of this vehicle will jump out of a lot of small wires after long wear. Under the condition of high speed, this small wire has become the main culprit of car tire punctures. Therefore, another one of the road trip essentials for cars is the air pump.

In addition to adding pressure to the tire and spare tire, the main purpose of the pump is to prevent another situation. Now many vehicles are no longer equipped with spare tires, and if unfortunately encountered a punctured tire can only call a tow truck. Not to mention the long delay, the cost of a tow truck is very high, which adds to the cost of the trip.

An air pump costs 100 yuan at most. If you have an air pump ready in advance, you can save the cost of a tow truck trip by making an intermittent drive and continuously inflating the tires to drive the vehicle to the repair station while the tires are only slowly deflated. Not only that, but an air pump can also inflate tents and balloons while camping outdoors, so no matter who you are, an air pump is one of the most indispensable things on a road trip.

14. Tow rope

If you're going to be somewhere that involves off-road roads or is dangerous, make sure you have tow ropes ready. It is also one of the road trip essentials for cars. The places involved in these sections are generally relatively remote and far from the city. Once the car is stuck and unable to get out of the situation, it will take several hours to wait for help, not to mention how tired the people in the car are.

So, when road trips involve off-road sections, tow rope is a must. If you get stuck, other cars can help you get out. Secondly, when choosing two ropes, be sure to buy a thicker one. The thicker the better, for the reason that the thick trailer rope buckle and iron ring position are relatively strong.

15. Open up and enjoy the holidays

A new place, new people, and new life are integral parts of a pleasant travel experience. Let yourself relax, open your mind, and accept and experience different new things, that's what travel is all about. A good mindset is also one of the essential items for a road trip.


With the improvement of people's life quality, a car is no longer just a tool for commuting to work, but also carries the happiness of a family. With the New Year holiday just around the corner, many people must have already decided where to go.

However, a road trip is different from daily high-speed driving because it has many uncertain factors, such as traffic jams, walking at night, camping in the countryside, and so on. In addition, when going to some sparsely populated places, it is important to prepare in advance before setting off. So make a clear road trip essentials list so that you can keep yourself safe and enjoy your trip. And how do you have a general outline of essential items for a road trip? Can you determine your own road trip essentials list according to the actual situation?

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