WOLFBOX G840H Dual Camera Rear View Mirror Dash Cam


  • 5k Full HD Resolution, front 2.5k and rear 1080P
  • Powerful QVBR encoding technology
  • Real Sony Stavis sensor with the IP68 waterproof level
  • 12″ IPS full touch screen
  • Parking Monitor Mode & Reversing Assistance
  • 32 GB SD Card Included
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If you buy the 'like new', this product is almost brand new.
If you buy the 'good', the appearance of this product is slightly flawed, but it will never affect your normal use!


2.5K Full HD Resolution

Adopted a high-performance processor, this HD reverse mirror dash camera upgraded the resolution up to front 2.5k and rear 1080P and no need worry about over-heat like other 2.5k or 4k dash cams. With the powerful QVBR encoding technology, it saves 30% bit rate with the same image quality, no need worry about over-capacity with higher resolution. WOLFBOX G840H rear mirror dash cam also uses an ultra-high transparent optical glass mirror to prevent glare.



Unprecedented Visual Experience Both Day and Night

The front and rear lens adopt F/1.55 & F/1.8 large aperture, supports multi-level 3D denoising, removes motion smearing and color noise, supports strong light suppression and back light compensation; supports extreme light collection technology in wide dynamic scenes such as entering and exiting tunnels, night lights, etc. Makes the image bright and dark details better and provides excellent image effects even under low-light.



WDR Backup Camera

The 1080P rear camera of rear mirror dash cam adopts WDR technology, records super clear video behind the car even in rainy and foggy days. With IP68 waterproof level, you don't need to worry about rain or dust in the open air. After the red wire is connected to the positive pole of the reversing light, the screen will display the reversing line and down the view range for 15° automatically when reverse.




Intelligent Functions

The WOLFBOX G840H dual camera rear view mirror dash cam uses 12-inch large high-definition display and brand new and unique user-friendly GUI interactive design. Smarter G-Sensor function supports locking emergency videos automatically and manually (double-tap the screen). GPS function records the precise speed, direction, longitude and latitude data while driving.




*Warm Tips:
  • Please format micro SD card termly in case of locked videos occupied much capacity, release them necessarily;
  • Please check the functionality of dash cam with its all accessories before installation, if issues exist, please let us know;
  • Please use original accessories provided by us, just in case of compatible issues after using others', especially use 2 or 3 in 1 cigar socket will lead to 100% insufficient current supply;
  • Please change micro SD card〔Class10(10MB/sec) required〕 format to FAT 32 on PC if use micro SD card capacity > 32GB; ( a 32GB card is included)

Additional information

Weight 0.9 oz
Dimensions 34 × 10 × 7.5 in

G840H, G840H+Hardwire Kit, G840H+HARDWIRE KIT+33 FEET CABLE, Used-Like New G840H, Used-Good G840H

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews
Great quality and price!

Great quality! Been using this for almost a month now without any issues. Rear camera is mounted outside of the car above the rear license plate. Only issue I have had is you need to view the video on your PC using VLC player or just use an adapter for your iPhone and go to files! Hardwire kit is great for turning off the screen with the accessory trigger wire. When looking at the files on a flash drive or on the phone there is 6 folders “Front Normal”, “Rear Normal” , “Front Picture”, “Rear Picture”,and for Hard Breaking “Front Emergency”, “Rear Emergency”.

Tip: One thing I don’t see advertised much is you double tap the screen to take a screenshot of important things!

Great product...

I had one like this before but it had some defects so I had to buy it again. I especially like this type of camera because it works both as a camera and mirror and you don't have to hang a separate camera with the mirror.
It is an easy installation with all the kit comes with it. The screen is really big of 12" and gives a perfect vision. There comes a 32 GB TF card for memory and rear camera too with all the wires and cables for installation and functioning.
It does its job pretty well. It has 2.5k dual-lens streaming media which was not there with my previous one. The picture quality is awesome. Catches every moment very sharply with both front and rear cameras and records there in it. The night vision works well, no problem is catching night moments like day ones. It is a touch screen device easy to operate with multiple functions.
Even there ia parking assistance and GPS.

Please be responsible and drive safe this can be distracting.

Please be responsible while using this product, another screen on the car can be really distracting specially when trying to figure out all this new toy can do.

Installation is pretty straightforward, thinking of getting a second one for another vehicle...
-Easy to see during the day
-Mirror is good enough when display is off
-Installation is fairly easy ( skill level 2 of 5)
-Quality at night is pretty good

-Unit is heavy, if your mirror base is not strong enough this will cause it to move or face down while driving

Mike B
Verified Purchase

This dash cam is an excellent product, and is perfect for my needs. My truck didn't have a back up camera, well, it does now!! The product is well put together and boxed nicely also. I had no problem running the wires ( have many years experience in auto) I would definitely buy this product again and recommend to friends & family!
Overall, I am beyond satisfied with my purchase

John Cedric Sabaco

The G840 H model has a much better night mode video Front / Back, and changing the reverse lines is easier over the G840S that I also own. However, there are some tradeoffs on the G840H coming from the G840S which there shouldn’t be.For example:UPDATE ***FOR FIRMWARE DEC .28, 2020 (Kudos to Wolfbox for continuing to improve the camera features and functions through firmware updates 🙂 1) S version has split screen view / H model does not.*** 2) H version NOW HAS a real-time speedometer in the bottom left screen corner ( you can also select to have a Power Icon or Car with active camera view icon instead.*** 3) H version NOW HAS GPS coordinates stamped on the video when played back on PC . Would be best to have the GPS coordinates displayed on main screen in case of emergency.***4) H version NOW HAS the option to flip the rear camera image 180 degrees if you need to mount the rear cam on the bumper.There are some improvements on the H model over the S version. For example:1) The video is much clearer on the H model ** especially at night, because of the higher resolution camera over the S version.2) To change camera view on H model from Front-Back, you just swipe L-R or R-L / S version requires 2 button taps.3) Changing brightness on H model does not require an initial tap to bring up the slider /S version does.4) The H model has a better, simpler direction indicator.*** If they add the GPS coordinates readout back to the screen, It’d be a home run.In conclusion:I’ll stick with the better video/camera on the new H model. I AM NOW only disappointed in the missing split/screen option and lack of GPS coordinates displayed on main screen. *** This must be said about Wolfbox: I have communicated extensively with them over the past few months and every time they have been helpful, courteous, and prompt in their replies. They are hands down the best company I have done business with. Ever. A 4_3/4 Star product from a 5 Star company. 🙂

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