G850 | 4K Mirror Dash Cam-12” Rear View Mirror Backup Camera for Car

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  • Advanced Techology,Super-class visual experience
  • Large Screen & Real 4K
  • Loop Recording,G-sensor,Parking Monitor
  • Reverse Assistance,Stream Media,Rear cam flip & mirroring
  • 32g SD card & GPS Included
  • 1 Year Warranty & Customer Services
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4K Ultra HD Resolution

Equipped with 4K high-definition front camera,and waterproof 1080P rear view cam. High-definition resolution can captures native HD image, bring you more dynamic details and can achieve more vivid videos.

WDR Techology

Both front cam & rear cam of G850 are equipped with WDR/HDR technology,which could suppress strong light and fill in dark places, allowing you to see more clearly at night or in strong light.

Zoom in/out and Adjust Angle

Both camera angles can be manually adjusted so that you can get the best view. Swipe the right side of the screen to zoom in and out. Swipe the top of screen from left to right to adjust brightness

Loop Recording,G-sensor,Parking Monitor

Loop recirding will automatically overwrite the old files when SD card is full.G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage,so dash cam won't overwirte locked files; Parking monitor functions as a surveillance camera system while the vehicle is off (need to powered by a hardware kit).

Reverse Assistance,Stream Media,Rear cam flip & mirroring

After connected red wire of rear cam to the postive pole of reverse light,the reverse line appears when you turn to "R" gear;The streaming media enlarges the scene behind the car by 1.5 times, provide a wider field of view.Rear cam flip & mirror function make make this dash cam perfectly compatible with RVs, pickups and trucks, etc.

24H Parking Monitoring

Turn on the parking mode, the cam will come to start recording once the camera detects shocks or attacks. The car camera supports 24 hours parking monitor with time-lapse mode, please use WOLFBOX hardwire kit.

Vertical Mirror & Flip

Considering the compatibility with more cars, we have upgraded the vertical flip and mirror functions. To meet the needs of more installation scenarios such as pickups, trucks, RVs, etc.

GPS Tracking

With the GPS plugged in, the dash cam can record the speed, direction, and path of the car.


Additional information

Weight 2.27 oz
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 3 in

G850+HARDWIRE KIT+33 FEET CABLE+128GB CARD, G850, G850+hardwire kit, G850+33 feet cable, G850+hardwire kit+33 feet cable

32 reviews for G850 | 4K Mirror Dash Cam-12” Rear View Mirror Backup Camera for Car

Based on 32 reviews
  1. Jayne Gray

    excellent quality, easy to install, used to replace dashcam which kept falling off my window screen, very pleased with this item.

  2. Jorge M.

    I would the device would let you use the backup camera in full screen like the front camera and not cropped in

  3. Lizzy

    To the person who asked if it would fit in your Camaro – it fit great in my hubbys Mini Cooper.

  4. Gamerguy

    ?I got this Wolfbox camera for a very good price, and replaced my older (technically illegal) Z-Edge dual dash cam with it. It’s about the same price as the Z-Edge, but has a much larger screen, better interface, and like I said is not illegal. The reason some Dash cams are illegal is that they partially obstruct the windshield (like my Z-Edge). The Wolfbox is fantastic because it actually attaches to your rearview mirror and does not obstruct any of your view of the road.

    Accessories and additional items included in the box(the dashcam is obviously included):
    Silicon attachments (use these to hold the dashcam on the mirror, there are smaller ones for smaller mirrors which I used, and larger ones for larger mirrors)
    Microfiber cloth to clean the screen
    Power cord
    Rear camera
    GPS attachment
    User manual

    As mentioned, you just attach the silicon stretchy brackets to the upper back hooks of the dashcam, hang it over your mirror, and then attach the lower part of the brackets to the lower hook on the dashcam. You then can attach the power cord and rear view camera wire and run them behind your paneling (I attached pictures and a video with a brief summary of how I ran my wires). Plug in the GPS (attach somewhere out of the way with the 3m tape), and then plug in the cigarette lighter adapter. Voila! You are good to go. Don’t forget to take the protective plastic off the cameras (not that I have ever forgotten that haha).

    Great features that are included:
    General direction you are driving (N for north, SE for southeast etc.)
    Time and Date
    Screen Saver mode (in Screen Display under settings, talk more about this later)
    Sensitivity adjustment (how big of a bump you want for the camera to recognize a “crash”)
    Brightness adjustment (turn it down to low, or use screen saver mode if you want to use the camera as a mirror instead, talk more about this later)
    A very responsive touch screen
    Button to take a picture
    Change resolution (options are 4k, 2.5k, and 1080p. Default is 2.5k.)
    Loop time of the recordings (options are 1 min, 3 mins, 5 mins. Default is 1 min)
    Whether you want to record audio or not.
    Option to attach the reverse line so the camera will automatically turn on the reverse camera when reversing
    Can flip the rear camera (this means you can install it upside down or rightside up if you want)

    Important things to note:
    Running the dashcam requires a small amount of technical skill. Not much, since I am not super car savvy. However, if you want to setup the cameras in the best position possible you may have to get creative (I’ll talk more about this later). HOWEVER, if you want the rear camera to automatically turn on in reverse, you have to splice or crimp the red reverse line into your reverse lights. This requires the correct tools and know how, which I did not have. I had to get a mechanic friend of mine to install it. He also installed the rearview mirror on the outside of my vehicle, above the license plate. To do this, he had to drill a hole behind the rear lights, run the wire through there and then out with the license plate light. If you do this, make sure you don’t drill a large hole and then you weatherproof the hole with some sort of rubber, otherwise water will get in and rust out the car.
    This dash cam functions as both a mirror and a dashcam. What I mean by this is that if the screen is off, it will act as a rear view mirror and you can see through the window behind you. If the screen is on, it will still show the rear view AS WELL as the footage on the camera. This can be a bit distracting, so what I do is I choose to put my Wolfbox in “Screen Saver” mode in the settings options. This turns off the camera while I am driving, but leaves on the nice features like direction and speed. My friend who also has this camera, instead chooses to just leave the camera on but have the rear view on all the time. Essentially he uses the camera instead of a mirror. One thing to note if you do this, is that cars will be closer than they look in the camera.
    The manual is written with poor English grammar, and does not explain the features well. It requires some trial and error to figure everything out yourself.
    Installing the rear camera in the recommended position above the license plate means that cars behind you shine their lights directly into the lens. This can make it hard to capture details of the car behind you at night.

    Lots of great features
    Large screen with nice touch interface
    Clear picture
    Relatively easy to install
    Easy to use
    Option to use as a rear view mirror, or use the rear camera to see behind your vehicle.

    Poor grammar in manual
    Hard to see license plates at night
    The camera lens quality is good but not great, resulting in a picture that is useable but not as clear as I might like.

    Overall my cons are mostly just nitpicks, and I think this is a fantastic camera. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in installing their own dash cam.

    A really cool feature they could add is Google maps functionality that displays google maps on the camera. That way I wouldn’t even need my phone anymore. But that would require adding some totally different programming, so it’s mostly just my own wish!

  5. Jacob bleyl

    Love the unit. Would give it 5 stars but the brightness is absolutely horrible. On the brightest setting it’s all to dark to see properly

  6. Tommy B.

    Easy fit and great quality pictures

  7. Dave Mann

    WolfBox is nothing but 1st class I contacted the customer service to enquire which is the best camera for my motorhome which within hours I got a reply so I ordered same day delivery and with a kind gesture sent a hardwire kit and a extension rear camera cable within 48hrs of me purchasing the mirror very easy to install and the functionality of the mirror is child’s play The performance of it is brilliant with crisp clean images highly recommend

  8. Mark A Smith

    Love my WolfBox G850 works like a charm and makes my driving safer. Needed a hardwire kit , I called customer service and they send one right away. The picture quality is outstanding. Very happy with this product.

  9. K. Lee

    I got this mirror dash cam because 1. the rear visibility of my car is not that great and 2. I wanted the parking monitor. So I bought the hired wire kit and had Best Buy install it. When installed, the parking monitor function was not there. As per their instruction, the parking monitor function is supposed to show up when hardwired. I contacted the customer service and they worked with to the whole process to fix the problem. First I replaced the mirror to see if it would fix the problem but it did not. The customer service wanted the picture of my car¡¯s fuse box diagram to figure out which slots to use. It did not fix the problem. They finally decided that it was a faulty wire and sent me a new one. After swapping out the wire, now it works. It was frustrating to go through the process but I give them a very high marks for standing behind their product and doing everything they can to solve the problem.

    As for the product, I am very happy with the functionality and ease of use. Because I mounted the rear camera below the spoiler, there is no direct headlight glare and somewhat protected from the rain. The G sensor works really well. I set it high and it locks the recording when I hit a pot hole.

    I would definitely buy their product again and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  10. Customer

    I have had a few of these through the years and this one is the best yet. Great picture quality and headlights at night are not a complete wash out. Many adjustments allow you to get it set up just the way you want.

  11. Glenny

    Screen was noticeable dimmer on the right 1/3rd of the mirror, at all brightness settings and viewing angles. And this was while the car was in the garage, so sun glare was not a factor. Makes me question Wolfbox’s quality control. It was an obvious touchscreen defect that managed to get shipped out.

    Returning for a replacement. I hope the next one is better.

    – – – – –


    Replacement arrived quickly. Install was relatively simple if you’ve done a stereo install or basic car repair in the past. However, if you aren’t comfortable pulling trim or liners out of your car, hire the install.

    The cameras both work well, and the system is relatively intuitive. I do like that the MicroSD card was already included.

    My only significant “negative” is the quality / usabity of the camera as a reflective Rear View Mirror is worse than my mirror it is mounted on. My OEM mirror is slightly convex, while the dashcam screen is perfectly flat. So viewing area is reduced. And you lose auto-dimming from the headlights of cars behind you.

    But if you must add an aftermarket front and rearview camera to your car, I’d still recommend this one.

  12. S. Park

    The build quality is way above than my expectation, especially considering the price. The image quality and responsiveness is pretty good too. The design does not blend with my car interior, but it doesn’t show up at least.
    Only issue of the product is that it is too picky with power source. It only accepts 5V power, so any other power including the usb port in the car may not work. I hope it accepts at least popular power sources like 9V, 12V, 20V and 24V.

  13. Travis M.

    The camera looks good. I like that it basically eliminates the small window blind spots I had. It (for me) was an easy install. I do not like the glare. You can look at it and see a double image at times. Basically you see the camera image and the reflective mirror image mixing. It can throw you off. Keep in mind that cars are closer than what the image is showing. I think the QC person checking my camera was only wearing 1 shoe. The image out of the back camera is crooked. I do not live on a hill it’s just not centered.

  14. Mr Chow

    Great product, no complaints and easy to use. Only downside is if you mount the rear camera outside of the car, when it¡¯s raining or wet, water will get on the camera distorting the view. Not an issue if you mount inside and not an issue with the actual product as it¡¯d be the same for any external camera

  15. C Harp

    This is my second mirror type dash cam and I am very impressed with the WOLFBOX G850. The front camera is excellent and super clear. The rear camera WDR is definitely a game changer at night with the video auto-correcting for bright lights. It does seem the make the rear video darker during the day. It would be nice if there was an option to adjust the video brightness in addition to the mirror brightness.

    I was looking forward to the zoom feature for the rear camera view as it can be hard to see vehicles with the wider angle, but the rear camera resolution doesn¡¯t really meet the requirements for a non-blurry picture. It is also a little finicky to get it to actually zoom.

    The reverse assistance remembers the placement of the view and guidelines rather than physically having to modify the angle of the camera, but I did wish it showed the wide angle view rather than the normal sized view like my previous camera.

    Installation was very straight forward and the reverse light cable was a good length and did not require any splicing unlike my previous dash cam. I choose to hardwire the dash cam using the hardwire kit for this unit. The parking monitor works well, but it would have been nice if there was an option to have the screen turn off after some time when powered on the battery while the car was off.

    Overall a great mirror type dash cam with excellent features and very easy installation.

  16. Quan

    I had their older model and loved it but wanted a little better video quality. This unit is so much better. It shows your MPH while you¡¯re driving, video is super clear, night vision on this camera works so well. No crazy glare from cars like the last model. Also, there was a $30 off coupon when I purchased so it made this purchase even more affordable. I definitely recommend this Wolfbox front and rear mirror dash cam! 10/10!

  17. J. Fitzgibbon

    Great product, worked exactly as expected and needed. Needed the 50 foot extension cable which the company sent me for free which was unexpected, and fantastic. Great customer service, really very easy to install and works exactly as advertised

  18. mark kennedy

    Really great product easy to install and navigate cheers .

  19. Andrew (mavic)

    Just what I was looking for dash cams front and back and reversing aid

  20. Tyler Rogers

    Awesome picture quality, nice touch screen, and fantastic customer service!

    This is a great buy for the cost and what you get for it.

  21. Van

    ?Video Quality, photos, mostly everything is working great. I just can’t seem to get the zoom function to work even with the video poster in questions/answers I would definitely recommend it but it’ll definitely bug me that one of the features isn’t functioning for me.

  22. terry mcclannahan

    Product when purchasing did not mention you should not place rear view camera inside vehicle… i have a pickup truck to use this on would have been important for me to know before i bought it…

  23. Alberto

    ****UPDATE** They sent me a longer wire and I got it connected outside but the back camera is still very dark and the back camera looks blurry when full screen but the front is amazing quality and bright! The mirror responds very well with no lag too!
    Just don¡¯t buy if u want it just for a backup camera.

    The camera is great but the wiring for the back camera is not long enough, they should come with a longer cable because I have a normal sized truck and it did not reach the back. I had to install it inside and it looks horrible, it looks dark and blurry! In the 2nd picture I included u can tell the difference from front (good) and back camera (bad)!!

  24. Maniac

    ?I’ve had a few dashcams, but this is my first mirror dash cam. I was worried how this would work as a mirror replacement, but my concerns were unfounded. Even with the screen on, I can see either the content in the mirror or the content on the screen based on where my eyes focus. It works surprisingly well. With the screen off, the mirror functions satisfactorily also.

    The UI is intuitive and easy to understand.
    The camera properly switches to the rear when reversing, and switches the screen back on if it was off.
    You can switch between cameras, and you can set a default view.
    The screen has a timeout functionality which is disabled by default. You can have it fully turn off the screen, or have it enter a screensaver mode, which leaves the screen on; but only displays the direction and speed. I prefer to use the screensaver mode.
    You can tap the power button once to shut the screen off. It will turn back on when reversing, by tapping the power button, or touching the screen.

    There is no indicator on the camera that it is on if the screen is off. This makes it very easy to leave on and recording after you’ve shut the car off. This can be avoided by leaving the screen on or in screensaver mode, but that can make it a bit difficult to use the mirror part at night.

    The screen is nice and clear and the screensaver mode is great (shows direction, speed, and time only).

    Cons: The screen is a bit bright at night even in screen saver mode. An OLED screen would rectify this, but would likely increase the cost too much. There does not appear to be any auto-brightness adjustment, meaning the brightness must be manually adjusted based on the time of day.

    The front camera provides 4K, 2.5K, and 2K video options. 4K video has slightly more detail than 2.5K, but only runs at 25 FPS. 2.5K will record at 30 FPS. For this reason, I prefer to use the 2.5K video option.
    It is difficult to read license plates unless they are close and off to the side, likely due to distortion from the wide angle lens.
    Video Quality is satisfactory at night.

    Cons: 25 FPS for 4K recording.

    Rear Camera:
    The rear camera records in 1080p video. It is difficult to read license plates, likely due to distortion from the wide angle lens.
    The software supports installing the rear camera in different positions depending on your use case.

    Includes plenty of cabling for most cars. I was even able to run the power cable to my rear outlet.

    Cons: Requires a dedicated outlet and the power adapter provides no extra USB ports. Will not even power off a USB PD port.

    The GPS grabs satellites quickly and seems accurate.

  25. Icarus

    The camera is excellent quality well worth the price- installation clearly explained

  26. Samuel Bentrup

    This is my second mirror mounted dash cam. It works very well and was easy to setup and use. The reflection of the mirror (while off) is a bit dimmer than the mirror I had before. It’s certainly usable and I’d buy it again. There is no parking sensor unless you buy a hard-wire kit – my old one had a battery which functioned as this. Seller is sent me a hardwire kit but I haven’t had a chance to wire it in yet.

  27. Rose

    This was so easy to set up and install and the quality of the camera is amazing!

  28. Kenneth R. Jelinek

    This is my first dash cam and I am wow’d by the overall quality. I found it relatively easy to install; reading the instructions thoroughly and taking my time was key (full disclosure: I am mechanically inclined). Once installed, the setup was very intuitive and the default settings allowed for immediate use. I did investigate the various settings and found the on screen navigation easy to follow. The cam images are plenty clear and I was especially happy with the back camera’s wide angle–what a difference! I’ve had problems seeing bicyclists, but no longer. I have recently installed an Auto-Vox V5 for a friend and I find this dash cam every bit as good–and less expensive to boot. I’m using the cigarette lighter power supply and it works just fine but will probably upgrade to the hard wired setup.

  29. Said

    great product, unexpected result, the only thing need to improve is to have an app to download the fotage

  30. Teresa Sitek

    Very good picture quality

  31. Conor

    This is a really good product. Records both front and rear cameras. Really easy to install and use. Cameras are really good quality. I only have it in a few days. I use it on rear view setting good quality view, cars behind seem further away than they really are, struggle to see any cars around 100yards behind, so I have to make sure to check wing mirrors before changing lanes. All in all I’m more than happy with wolfbox mirrorcamera,.

  32. The Verry¡¯s

    Works well In my van which has no rear windows. Teething problems with very quickly sorted out by the customer support team.

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