WOLFBOX 2nd Gen Dual Zone Car Fridge with App Control - 39/48/58qt, 12/24V DC

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    Designed for every adventure, our high-efficiency car fridge meets diverse food storage needs, from drinks to meats, ideal for camping and long travels.
  • Adjustable Dual ZonesTailor cooling from -8°F to 68°F to perfectly preserve everything from beverages and vegetables to meat, ensuring optimal freshness for all your camping and travel needs.
  • Smart Temperature ManagementControl and monitor your cooler’s temperature with precision using our user-friendly app, ensuring your items stay chilled exactly the way you want.
  • Quick ChillAchieve rapid cooling from 86°F to 32°F within 25 minutes, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and keeping your food and drinks safe and fresh.
  • Quiet CoolingWith a noise level of only 45dB, our cooler operates quietly, allowing you to enjoy the peace of your surroundings without disturbance.
  • Built-In EssentialsEquipped with a bottle opener, sturdy lid, handles, and wheels for easy towing, our car fridge is designed for ultimate convenience and portability on your adventures.
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STORAGE: 58 quart
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Separately Adjust Temps for Varied Needs

Meet All Food Storage Needs on the Road

Easily Manage Temperatures with Mobile App

Precisely Control Temperature Anytime

Rapidly Lower Temps to Ensure Freshness

Quickly Cool to Reduce Bacterial Growth

Operates Quietly, Maintains Peace

Low Noise for Undisturbed Rest

Design Features Highlight

Built-in LED for each Chamber

Effortless nighttime access to your refreshment.

Built-In Bottle Opener

Enjoy seamless refreshment with our cooler's handy built-in bottle opener—no more searching, just easy sipping.

Detachable doors

Detachable doors can be re-mounted on either side. Access to your items the way you like.

Three Battery protection level

Product information


39 Quart.

48 Quart.

58 Quart.

Connection Voltage

DC 12V/24V

DC 12V/24V

DC 12V/24V

Cooling Capacity




Total Volume

39 Quart.

48 Quart.

58 Quart.

Left Zone(in)




Right Zone(in)




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