3W Tesla Model 3 2021-2022 Custom Floor Mats & Trunk Mats TPE Material & All-Weather Protection

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  • ONE CAR ONE DESIGN: 3W floor mats are custom-designed for each vehicle using micrometer-level 3D scanning technology to fully cover the Model 3's original floor. We extract the Model 3's unique elements and draw inspiration from them and Tesla's brand concept to create the mat's texture design. This ensures a perfect fit between the mats and your vehicle, seamlessly integrating with the Model 3 for a naturally flawless look.

  • HIGH-END MATERIALS: Our floor liners are made from Volvo's TPS-SEBS TPE material, which is not only more eco-friendly and odorless than traditional TPE but also highly durable, light-resistant, heat-resistant, and waterproof. They can be easily washed with water and dry within minutes, providing utmost convenience.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installing and removing our floor mats is a breeze. Simply place them in your vehicle, and the fully covered anti-slip nails at the bottom will prevent any sliding or interference with the brake and accelerator pedals, ensuring safer driving.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Our floor liners are designed for easy cleaning. Whether it's dust, dirt, or sand on the mats, you can simply wash them off with water or a damp towel in just a few minutes.
  • INJECTION MOLDING PROCESS: We utilize the advanced injection molding process, similar to the technique used in manufacturing LEGO blocks. This allows for intricate details and perfect patterns, resulting in deep grooves and exclusive custom designs. Injection molding is a premium technique that costs significantly more than regular processes, but it ensures superior quality in our products.
  • We apologize for any language issues in the previous version. We hope this revised version accurately conveys the features and benefits of our 3W floor mats for the Model 3.
  • Year: 2021-2022
    Vehicle Edition: Model 3 2021-2022
    Rows: Full Set-6 PCS