The Rise of Dashcams: Why More Drivers Are Installing Dashboard Cameras

If youโ€™ve walked through a parking lot or driven on a highway recently, youโ€™ve likely spotted more onboard dash cams than ever before. These compact devices are rapidly on the rise amongst growing concerns for relay theft of keyless cars and smart consumers wanting to reduce their insurance premiums.

Your car is one of the most expensive items that you own. Most of us have insurance for our phones and camera doorbells to monitor activity outside our homes. Your car deserves the same level of protection and surveillance. Itโ€™s why drivers across the United States are investing in dashboard cameras to protect their property and reduce the risk of accidents.

Installing a dash camera can reduce your insurance premiums, deter theft, and promote better driving by allowing you to review your driving. More drivers are installing dashcams to protect against โ€˜crash for cashโ€™ insurance schemes and as a unique way of capturing their car journeys.

While dashboard cameras are popular with Uber drivers and couriers, everyday motorists are investing in this technology for extra peace of mind. The WOLFBOX dash cameras come with an 18-month warranty with five different models, catering to the needs of every motorist.

Why Dashcams are Rising in Popularity

87% of commercial crashes in the United States are caused by avoidable driver error or risky driving. An onboard dash camera enables you to record the driving behavior of fellow motorists in the event of such behavior. Most drivers invest in a dash camera as a proactive measure to protect their insurance claim if theyโ€™re involved in an incident that isnโ€™t their fault.

Dashboard camera footage is often used as witness evidence for car crashes and other incidents, with police regularly appealing for such footage. Having dash cam footage for an incident youโ€™ve been involved in can act as proof in your favor and result in a faster claim. Dash cameras are essential for drivers who are commuting through busy residential and city areas where cycling incidents and pedestrian accidents are frequent.

Installing a dash can improve your driving by highlighting frequent errors and bad driving habits. Our cameras feature a parking assistance system to build your confidence when reversing into small parking spaces or driving in unfamiliar surroundings.

Itโ€™s not just first-time drivers who can benefit from having a dash camera installed. Reviewing your footage regularly is best practice for drivers of all abilities, regardless of how long youโ€™ve been on the road. Bad habits can quickly slip in, including lane-switching errors and late braking. Regularly reviewing your dash cam footage can improve your driving and lower your risk of having an accident. Smart consumers are installing dash cameras to reduce their insurance premiums, particularly for female and younger drivers, who have historically paid high premiums than male and more experienced drivers. You can often off-set the cost of your dash camera by the savings youโ€™ll make on your insurance premium.

Dash cameras are becoming more popular as a form of security for unattended vehicles to prevent car theft and robberies. The WOLFBOX G840S dash cam offers 24/7 surveillance with automatic emergency recording capabilities. The surveillance system will automatically kick-in when the monitor sensors are triggered, or an impact occurs to the car. Thieves are less likely to target a vehicle with a visible dash camera installed.
Most dash cameras are multi-functional, providing parking assistance along with driving monitoring. A dashcam is an easy way to update an older vehicle that doesnโ€™t have a pre-installed parking assistance system to reduce car damage and incidents.

Dashcams for First Time Drivers

Most new cars are hitting the roads with a dash camera already installed. First-time drivers and motorists who are building their confidence with driving get extra peace of mind from a dash camera.

Alternatively, watching back driving footage can also make you more confident as a first-time driver. You can quickly review the footage directly from your phone in the event of a driving error or if youโ€™ve been involved in an accident.

First-time drivers are often the target of โ€˜crash for cashโ€™ frauds, as insurance companies are often more likely to lay the blame on an inexperienced driver. Investing in a dash camera will protect your insurance premium their insurance and prevent a first-time driver from being found at fault in such an incident.

Most insurance companies accept dash camera footage as evidence for claims and recommend first-time drivers install them. Many insurers will discount the cost of insurance for drivers who have a dash camera installed. However, we recommend double-checking with your provider if youโ€™re planning on buying a dash camera specifically for insurance purposes.

Choosing the Best Dashcam for Your Car

Every dinner will need a different type of dashboard camera to suit their daily commute, lifestyle, or job. Video speed and footage quality are two of the features that will differentiate models.

Our dash cameras come with full, easy-to-follow instructions for quick installations. Most dash cams can be installed within a few minutes. Their compact sizes make them ideal for taking on the go while traveling or using a rental car. We recommend investing in additional mounts if you plan on using your dash camera across multiple vehicles on a regular basis.

A budget-friendly option is the WOLFBOX D07 with Wi-Fi connectivity that offers both front and rear recording, parking monitoring, and super night vision. This compact dash cam is ideal for drivers who donโ€™t want to be distracted by a large screen. It features a magnetic mount design for easy installation for drivers of all abilities.

The WOLFBOX G900 4K+2.5K camera is suitable for right-hand driving with a 12โ€ touch screen and is designed with night-time driving in mind. Its super night vision technology and vertical flip mirror offer parking assistance with a large aperture lens for extra light. The two-perspective display allows you to split the screen for front and rear views.

Protect your car and improve your driving standards by shopping for the best-selling dash cams from WOLFBOX.

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