G900 | Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K+2.5K for Car with 12″ Full Touch Screen

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  • Film-level 4K+2.5K+High-Quality Audio
  • Upgraded Supercapacitor & TYPE-C
  • 12″ IPS & Smart Touch Screen
  • Unique Dual WDR+F1.5 Large Aperture
  • How to Achieve 24Hrs All-Round Protection & UHD Evidence
  • 320° Wide-Angle + Safe Parking Assistance
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2.5K Resolution + 300W sensor + F1.5 large aperture lens + WDR technology + waterproof, which not only guaran-tees automatic fill light at night or in the low light environment and suppresses overexposure of high beam or backlight, and obtains clear shots effect, and at the same time achieve safe recording in rainy days.


The front and rear cameras of the G900 mirror dash cam all use Real Sony Starvis Sensors, and equipped WDR technology performs well in low light or backlight conditions. The ultimate light collection technology balances exposure and compensates for the light and dark spots of the scene. It can restore the true color of objects to the greatest extent, and make the presentation of details such as license plate numbers and road signs more clearly. Provides a perfect night scene picture.



  • The digital smart mirror is upgraded to the industry's highest level 1920x440P integrated screen
  • The perfect 12" body fits the rearview mirror of most cars on the market
  • 2.5D curved screen with extremely high light transmittance, smooth lines and more beautiful
  • Effectively reduce the inconvenience caused by glare


  • Upgraded to best quality supercapacitors - Provides perfect charging efficiency, greatly extended service life, hundreds of times more rechargeable cycles, won't burn even if shorted or broken, resistant to extreme temperatures (-4℉-158℉)
  • Upgraded to Typec interface - the transmission speed can reach 500mbps, which is several times that of the traditional micro usb.


In order to avoid bad conditions caused by fatigue caused by long-term driving, a new fatigue driving reminder function is added, which does not require networking and regular reminders, which more effectively ensures long-term driving safety and greatly reduces the occurrence of accidents.


  • Assist Mode - Upgraded to support 2 modes: Panorama Mode /Full Screen Mode.
  • Rear camera mirror/vertical flip - the rear camera can be rotated up, down, left and right to help perfectly adapt to the installation of various models
  • Parking Lines - renders parking lines suitable for different heights
  • 150° wide-angle - perfect 150° rear view range, eliminating surrounding blind spots
  • More viewing angles - the function of sliding up and down, and manual adjustment can be used to obtain a more suitable viewing angle when reversing.


  • G900 mirror dash camera records video in 1/3/5 (optional) minute segments. When the SD card is full, the oldest unlocked video files will be overwritten automatically. The new encoding protocol H.265 is an upgraded version of H.264, which can save higher quality and smoother images and save a lot of storage space.
  • G-sensor - In the event of a collision while driving, it will record and lock the video file after the collision in an emergency (you can also manually select the lock ) to prevent the important video from being overwritten.


Support 24-hour parking monitoring to ensure your parking safety at any time (need to connect the hardware kit ASIN: B09X1L1GMX ).

  • When the G-Sensor detects a collision in a parked state, it will start an emergency recording;
  • Time-lapse recording mode - the camera will record 1/2/5 (optional) frames per second, maintaining longer runtimes while reducing video file size. No need to worry about draining your car battery.


GPS records precise speed, direction, longitude and latitude data while driving.

  • Video from the front and rear cameras can be played on a dedicated GPS player.
  • Supports simultaneous playback of 2-channel video.

Additional information

Weight 2.71 oz
Dimensions 13.39 × 4.8 × 3.07 in

G900+HARDWIRE KIT+33 FEET CABLE+128GB Card, G900, G900+hardwire kit, G900+33 feet cable, G900+hardwire kit+33 feet cable

35 reviews for G900 | Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear 4K+2.5K for Car with 12″ Full Touch Screen

Based on 35 reviews
  1. Customer

    I¡¯ve been meaning to buy the dashcam for 2years and after a thorough research I came across Wolfbox. Wonderful product, 12inch rearview mirror adds to the additional viewing angle. Happy with the product!

  2. Chirag R.

    The features the dash cam comes up with are value for money.
    The best part that I liked about the dash cam is it’s touch screen, you can set the camera angle view by just scrolling on the lcd unit and very easy to use and install.
    Good video quality,
    good sensor for recording the instances and compact sized.
    No issues so far.

  3. Sumit

    Satisfied with the product. It is robust and do its job quite well. Camera quality is good but could have been better. Wide angle makes greater view and coverage for safe driving. Value for money.

  4. Richard Monk

    Everything I wanted in a dashcam. Great product for the price.

  5. Rocket

    ?This rearview mirror camera is amazing! It’s a step above the competition, I have used other dashcam mirrors before and this one has so much better image quality. The image is sharp and clear. I drive a camaro so my rear visibility without this system is not very good but with the massive range this camera covers I can see cars and people that I would have never been able to with a regular mirror, for me it is almost 180 degrees in rear view coverage I see vehicles in my mirror that are on my left and right door sides it’s that much view for me, completely removes all blind spots for me I can see everything!
    THE NIGHT VISION ACTUALLY WORKS! My previous dashcam mirror was rendered useless at night time because of glare from lights and other cars it was lmost dangerous to use, the wolfbox eliminates it all and I can feel safe driving at night again. My rear window is pretty darkly tinted so it makes the image noticeably darker then the front untinted window and I like this mirror so much I’m going to get it replaced with a clear tint so I can fully appricate how wonderful this mirror is.
    The GPS included is very accurate even showing your speed in an partial miles like 44.5mph which could make the difference in proving you are not speeding or other traffic conditions while others would simply sate you are driving 45 (might make the difference!) Also generously included a 32gb micro SD card( I did buy and put in a 128 but it’s nice to know you don’t have to due to the units auto loop feature)
    The touch screen has instant response to your touch and every part of this unit feels high quality. The rear view camera felt like metal which made me feel really good about its durability.
    I also like this unit has modern usb type c charging instead of all other units outdated micro USB style charging.
    You can also view all recordings on the mirror! whenever you want in the convince of your car if there is ever an emergence.

    This dashcam mirror is easily one of the BEST on the market and you will thank yourself by getting one as the difference is huge!

  6. Kenny D.

    This is a very good Dashcam the video is clear and it’s very easy to setup. The customer service is top tier and they will assist you every step of the way if you have issues. I have noticed the mirror doesn’t act as a rearview mirror as well when the screen is on but I prefer to have it off anyways. Highly recommended product especially considering it is backed with great service!

  7. Rinku Kumar

    Loved the product, i had the old version in my old car and saw g900 when I bought my new car, so end up buying this. Works great & easy to install, easy to setup, easy to use. Really good gps quality.

  8. Vrinder Gyani

    This is the most easy to install, easy to setup, most easy to use dash cam you have ever bought. The quality is great as well.

  9. Javi

    All I can say is WOW!

  10. Franklin Mathes

    I love this device. The screen is so clear and responsive and installation was a breeze. Just one word of caution, if you’re purchasing this and you’re offered a hard wire kit (which I strongly recommend you get), just make sure its a C Type USB. When I purchased this on , it was suggesting a hard wire kit that was Mini USB. I was easily able to find the correct kit, purchased it, and it works great.

  11. Deepak Bhaskar

    Camera clarity is very good both front and rear cam. Recording function work perfect. Gps functions works correctly and time also shwos correctly once yhe time zone set and gps wire is connected.

    Below 2 are the things noted currently. Didn’t get a time to explore in detail. Will update the review after few months

    LDWS option not available in this, but can see the instructions shown in the manuals

    Need to some correction/updates in rerverse fuction because i can see additional spaces between my car and any other car when parking in reverse mode even though the car is closer to the other car. This has resulted in a small accident as well. But this additional spacing issue is not showing when the rear cam view is using instead of the reverse gear function. Panorama reverse mode is available in this cam, but not sure what exactly the issue is. Didn’t get a time to get in touch with customer care. Will be updating this review once i get a resolution.

    Adding beep sound will be more helpful for the users especially during reverse parking wheb the car get closer to any objects

    Over all feedback updated as 4 just because of the issue noted in reverse function.

  12. Cj

    This is an amazing product from WOLFBOX!!
    The clarity from both cameras are amazing!!
    All of the included features are added bonuses with this unit! The parking assist is a lifesaver, as well as the 24/7 security monitoring around the vehicle. Anytime the car feels vibrations the cameras automatically start recording to the SD card(which is included). Seamless switching from front to rear camera, the night vision is awesome also. You can¡¯t even tell it¡¯s night out while driving with this rear view mirror camera setup. The parking guidelines make it super easy to park a big vehicle. The durability and construction of the cameras are top notch. The rear camera is encased in metal not a cheap plastic one. The 12¡± screen makes it very easy to see everything behind you, especially with the wider lenses. It¡¯s also neat to have it in split screen mode so you can see the front and rear at the same time. The customer service from WOLFBOX is amazing! They answer very promptly and help with every question. The GPS makes it easier to track where you¡¯ve been throughout the day. It also has a feature that activates the cameras to record if a wreck has been detected. The loop recording feature is also nice to have in case of an accident or if you just want to see your route again.
    Definitely would recommend this to everyone!!
    Thank you WOLFBOX for such an amazing product at an affordable cost!!

  13. jerry casey

    ?I purchased this product for my toyota 4runner. OEM rear view mirror not efective,if you have cargo.cant see,so I bought this mirror..the recording came as a added bonus.Now I can see behind me safer now. With camera off,works as regular mirror ,LIKE THAT! I have hardwired the power with factory harness,so I can utilize the parking features, that do work.The mirror is a real nice touch screen,works flawlessly. The front camera is 4k,just stunning..the rear is 2.5,very crisp,and the camera is like magic at night,with the auto light adjustment. The headlight wash is real minimal. Again,the video recording is nice,if I have to use it,comes with 32gb card.For me,I like the digital mirror. I give it a 10, would like a wifi version to play video on my phone.

  14. stephene

    I am thoroughly impressed with the Wolfbox G900 mirror dashcam. The installation instructions were very easy to follow. It took just around 1 hour for my husband to install it. I am extremely happy with the 4k front camera. The videos are sharp and truly high quality. Even if the back camera is just 2.5K, the resolution is still very impressive. Setting it up for the first time was a breeze. The functions are user-friendly, and it even has shortcuts/swipe actions for quick and easy setup. There are different view options to choose from – it can be either full view from the front camera, full view from the back camera, or a split screen for both. This can be set by just swiping left / right. Setting the brightness is also just swiping up or down. The response time in getting in and out of the settings/apps is very fast. There was no lag at all. I like that this model even has a back up grid lines ¨C definitely a useful feature to have. GPS functions for the speed and direction are a great addition as well. This dash cam is well-made and I am very happy with it.

  15. Himanshu

    I was looking for a mirror dash, after a lot of research, I finally pick WOLFBOX, it is a great product, video quality is awesome for both day & night, 12-inch screen gives good visibility, GPS, G-Sensor, and LAN departure alert.
    Overall good product I¡¯m happy with it.

  16. Raja

    I was hesitant to buy unknown Chinese brand. Wolfbox is known brand in mirror dashcam, so went for it. Simple to install and camera quality is nice. Rear view streaming is also very good, personally felt nice update on normal mirror. Glare is there during night but it is similar to normal antiglare mirrors. Sellar seems to be genuine and all items are present in box including free memory card. Overall happy with the purchase.

  17. Meenakshi M

    The product is very good value for money and the clarity of the screen is ultimate camera clarity is awesome in that camera if another vehicle¡¯s light hits on the camera then the vision went into blurry other than that the product is awesome.

  18. Amales

    Front camera picture quality is awesome and rear camera picture quality also very good. It’s touch response is slightly slow. Night vision is very good. Dealer response is excellent.
    Thanks to .

  19. Vaishakh S

    If you are looking for a mirror dash cam video recorder then…buy this although other dash cam are available in market this is little bit expensive compared to other products but this product is worth for 15k

  20. Abhimanyu H.

    The best part that I liked about the dash cam is touch screen, you can set the camera angle view by just scrolling on the lcd unit and very easy to use and install.

  21. Joydeep Ganguly

    Video is loading

  22. avinash arya

    Great product, video quality is very good and dash cam looks premium.

  23. Shashikanth T.

    Seems like a quality product, works good with mahindra thar.

  24. Nitin

    Real 4K dash cam!

  25. sridhar

    First of all I was looking good reverse parking support system…since my car doesn’t have it.Then researched in market and found mirror dash cam is the solution…since I have tight parking space with pipes on either side. Also get pain in my neck since normal orvm doesn’t cover entire area.

    Then finalized for 70 mai and wolf box and also nippon rear view mirror.

    Compared to 70 mai this has bigger touxh screen, GPS , Lan support.

    I bought Nippon which is around Rs3000 and this is around Rs14k. Mechanic advised looking at the product that Nippon product needs tampering bumper and also wiring..since it is a new car don’t want to take a risk.

    I felt recording is add advantage…I strongly recommend this product for cars which don’t have reverse parking.

    Also you can turnoff by switch at bottom…which does recording also helps to show like ordinary mirror.

  26. swapnil

    Very good night vision and both cameras. Just one thing is adaptor should be flexible

  27. Pranab S.

    I suppose to purchase wolfbox 840H but not available in market place but this 840S picture quality also good…may be purchased by orther who required dash cam. Only negetive thing product mentioned 28 GB TFT card included but missing or not supplied..

  28. Ankoor De

    I have searched many products in the market. This product is the best in class even though it’s made in China. The company is well reputed. The packaging was sleek and very sucured. Camera quality is clear,12 inch display is adequate for my car. This product meets all my expectations.

  29. bhanu

    After long time of reserch I found best dash camera. Excellent camera quality and good night vison. Touch response is very smooth and GPS is working very good, showing speed and direction on the screen. Easy installation and can install our self. This is the best product I found. And the response from seller is very good, don’t think go for it.

  30. vineet sharma

    Please support in delivering memory card, as it was missing from packed box.

  31. Customer

    Can be used as a proof for any incident which may occur anywhere.picture and touch screen quality is very good.night vision is average.

  32. Rajan Kumar

    I was really waiting for this product for a very long time to arrive in India. Thank you for making this product available in India. Product is really amazing build quality is looks premium camera quality is also outstanding. I am happy to get this product although is really took 8 days to reach at my place.

  33. Dr. Wasim salman

    This product wolfbox mirror dash cam is an amazing product, with easy installation, crystal clear front and rear camera quality, touch sensitivity..i installed it on my mahindra thar2020,on my own….. N now I can get a better rear view in comparison to normal irvm… I would hav given 5 stars but only thing I didn’t like is, no sd memory card provided with the device… U hav to get it saperate

  34. c c.

    Choosen right product in reasonable price for most efficient value for money product. Also very easy installation and user friendly product. Thank you very much WOLFBOX to help us in monitoring, tracking and maintaining safety of vehicles for 24 hours.

  35. Anish

    Super item.. Very useful..

    Camera clarity is excellent
    In night, very easy to parking also

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