WOLFBOX G700 Split Screen Mirror Front Camera and Rear Dash Cam


  • Flexible Detached Front Camerafor Car
  • Clear Video and Night Visions
  • G-sensor,Loop recording
  • GPS info,24h Monitoring
  • Multiple Functions, Safe Driving
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Flexible Detached Car Front Camera

The car front camera is separated from mirror screen, so you could install it to different area of windshield to avoid visor or other equipment. Besides, the front camera support 270°rotation , which makes it easy to get a broad view and less blind spots.




Dedicated for G700Front Camera Dash Cam And Rear

Unique design with 2 ports connected to main body and GPS. Not suitable for any other modes.






High Clarity Video and Night Visions

Both front and rear dual lens are equipped with 6 layers glass Sony IMX335 with HDR & WDR technology. Easily capture clear pictures or videos. Even at night, the super night vision of both mirror front camera and rear will record license plate and road sign clearly.




24 Hours Monitors

24 Hours Surveillance: The vehicle hard-wire kit connect to car battery or fuse box power, can realize continuous power supply for 24 hours. It can keep powered on even car turned off.





Multiple Functions, Safe Driving

1.Streaming Media Rear View 2.GPS Function(speed,direction,location) 3.Time Lapse Recording 4.Parking Assistance 5.Super Night Vision 6.Split Screen Mirror Front Camera and Rear Dash Cam 7.G-sensor 8.Collision Boot Recording 9.Adjustable Display View Angle



WOLFBOX G700 Split Screen Mirror Front Camera and Rear Dash Cam

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Good product in this price. Features are amazing

Liked product after one day use. Good features in this price. No lag & touch is amazing. Must buy if you are vlogger or a regular traveller.

Excellent camera system for the price and great customer support!

I have used multiple dashcam cameras before and so far this one the best I have ever had.
Here are some of the features that I think are the best value for the price that you don't get with other dashcams:

-Quick install. All brackets comes with heavy duty double sided tape so no need to drill holes on your car but it also includes screws in case you need to use them, the display easily attaches to the original rearview mirror with the provided silicon straps, long power supply to go around the windshield trim to hide it.
-Parking monitor. With the special hardwire kit (you need to request it at the time of purchase) you can use this dashcam as a security camera for your car, when you turn the engine off the system goes into time lapse mode where both front and rear cameras take a picture per second and saves them to a video file, it also has a low voltage protection for your car battery which turns the system off when the battery is getting too low to start the engine, this way if you park your car for several days it won't kill the battery.
- Good quality image. Very good quality image in low light condition (see pictures)
-Split Screen. In this mode you can see the full angle view of both cameras at the same time, I keep mine in this mode all the time, this way I can see my bumper and the traffic behind at the same time.
-GPS. This feature can be very useful if you need proof of the speed you were driving, the speed is very accurate and is embedded at the bottom of the video along with the date and time, they also have a nice software where you can paly your recorded videos and see the location of your car in google maps as the video plays
-Use it as a normal rearview mirror. You can manually turn the screen off or program it to be off all the times, of course the video will still record every time you turn the engine on and go in to parking monitor when the engine is turned off.
-The large screen makes navigating and watching recordings easy. The UI was very easy to navigate.
-With the included 32GB Mini SD Card I was able to record 4 hours of video at full 1080P but it can support up to 128 GB.
- Excellent and responsive customer service. They typically reply in less than 24hrs, very easy to work people, I asked for an extension cable and they were nice to sent me


Super impressed 2 months in to ownership

John Lewis

Exceeded expectations. The G700 unit works well, images are clear, controls responsive, and easy to use. Supplied wiring is long enough for most cars/suv's. Support from Wolfbox was very responsive and helpful for questions around the hardwire kit (it needs a 12v/3a converter). I would buy from them again when there is a 4k option that has a separate front camera.

Kyle Moore

This dash cam is the only dash cam you will ever need. It records front and rear and even allows the front camera to be mounted anywhere on the windshield! I absolutely love the design and have had many wolfbox cameras in my vehicles. The movable front dash cam is nice as i can now position the camera in a better viewing spot. Customer service is spot on with them and they back up their products with updates and helpful staff!

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