T10 Plus | 10″ full touch screen 2.5K Rear View Mirror Camera

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  • Full 2.5K HD Resolution front and 1080p rear camera
  • 170° front, and 140° rear lens
  • Real Sony Stavis IMX335 sensor 
  • 10″ IPS full touch screen
  • Seamless Loop Recording & G-sensor emergency videos lock
  • Parking Monitor Mode & Reversing Assistance
  • Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) Restore the True Colors
  • 32 GB TF card included
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If you buy the 'like new', this product is almost brand new.
If you buy the 'good', the appearance of this product is slightly flawed, but it will never affect your normal use!

WOLFBOX T10 2.5K Mirror Dash Cam

High-performance Chip

Equip with high-performance chip, the dash camera makes its menu response speed more sensitive, does not lose frames when shooting, and has a longer service life.

Streaming Media Display

The dual cams can transmit the picture to the rearview mirror display the real-time traffic situation on the road without loss and delay, and has an ultra-wide field of view, which effectively eliminates the blind spot of the view, and provides you with better security.

Perfect 2.5K Image

With Sony Starvis Sensor, the front camera can 2.5K (2560 x 1440P) footage, clearly displays license plates or road signs in the distance that cannot be read at 1080P or other resolutions.

Enhanced Night Vision

Equipped with high-performance chip, the dash cam can capture crisp clear nighttime video footage in low-light condition which clearly shows car plates number and road signs to give you a better night vision experience.

Waterproof Backup Camera

170° rearview angle waterproof backup camera provides you 1080P clear image of what’s behind your car, it can provide you with a clear rear image and park the car more safely.

Advanced WDR Technology

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is able to restore the true colors of objects to the greatest extent in low light or back light, which can make the image bright and dark details perform better, such as entering and exiting tunnels, night car lights, etc.

Compact Full Touch Screen

By swiping the screen up or down, you can easily adjust the angle and brightness of the backup camera. You can also swipe the screen left and right to switch between the front and rear cameras. The front lens can be rotated manually.

GPS Tracking

The GPS module can track your vehicle's location and driving speed. Use a dedicated video player to play the video on the computer will show the driving route and accurate speed, direction, longitude and latitude data.


T10 front and rear cam support manual trigger or automatic emergency recording with built-in G-Sensor. It will lock the video files when it detects collision. Or you can click the lock pattern on the screen to record locked video files when you think you need to keep an evidence.

Loop Recording

When the card memory capacity is full, the dash cam will automatically overwrite most primitive unlocked video files with new video files. Emergency recorded videos and manually locked videos cannot be automatically overwritten, you need delete them manually.

Reversing Assistance

When your car is put into reverse, the 10” full touch screen will display the rear view with guidelines to help you to park safely and perfectly. (This function is activated after the red wire of the rear camera is connected to the positive pole of the reversing light.)

Rear View Flip Function

The rear view flip function is very suitable for pickup trucks and RVs. Allow you to install the rear camera upside down, and just turn on the function in the menu, the rear view will be flipped 180 degrees.

Parking Monitor

The car camera supports 24 hours parking monitor and time lapse mode. please use WOLFBOX hardwire kit. The mirror camera will automatically enter the parking monitor mode after install it.

Easy Installing

Mount front camera over original rearview mirror with the rubber straps. And plug the GPS cable into the main body and stick the GPS module to the front windshield.


*Warm Tips:

1. Please check the functionality of dash cam with its all accessories before installation.

2. The length of original cable for rear camera is 20 feet, suitable for most types of cars. If it is not long enough for your car, We also have 33 feet rear camera extension cables

3. When using the parking monitoring function, please select the time-lapse recording mode. Otherwise, the driving recorder will quickly drain your car battery.

4. Please format TF card termly in case of the locked videos occupied much memory capacity, release them necessarily;

5. Please use original accessories provided in the package, just in case of compatible issues after using others, especially use 2 or 3 in 1 cigar socket will lead to 100% insufficient current supply;

6. If you use TF card capacity > 32GB, Please change TF card〔Class10(10MB/sec) required〕 format to FAT 32 on PC. (32G TF card is included in box)

7. If your car does not have a reversing system, you need to connect the red cable of the rear cam to the positive pole of your reversing lamp. If your car already has a reversing system, you just ignore the red cable on the rear cam.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 3 in

T10 Plus, T10 Plus+Hardwire Kit, T10 Plus+Hardwire Kit+50 Feet Cable, Used-Like New T10, Used-Good T10

254 reviews for T10 Plus | 10″ full touch screen 2.5K Rear View Mirror Camera

Based on 254 reviews
  1. Dr.sivaprasad

    I purchased wolf box 2.5k mirror dash cam with 10 inch display on 23 may 2022. I feel some problems.

    1. The mirror mode when the camera is off, you cannot see properly the back. Or the fade reflection on display mirror is not at all clear. But if you use the reverse cam the reflection from the real window on the screen make image ghosty at day time.

    2. The display assistant lines on the reverse mode cannot be adjusted by changing the direction of the back camera. What ever you do you have another 3 feet of space after full red mark when parking.

    If there is any solution let me know.
    Or you have to change the reverse camera focus.

  2. Mahendarker Rakesh

    It was packed real well and easy to install. I loved it

  3. Ashutosh Chauhan

    Camera quality is very good.
    Touch screen is very responsive.
    Easy to install.

  4. Maximo

    The camera is not so clear on night, the light of the cars behind take all the camera view and i can’t see anything 🙁

  5. ED

    This mirror is excellent. depending on your vehicle , it may take time to install. It¡¯s easy to operate once installed. The crystal clear cameras are great For both daytime and nighttime driving

  6. Customer

    1. Very good quality dashcam
    2. touch screen quality is good
    3. easy to set brightness and view of the cameras

  7. Customer

    The item is worth to install in a vehicle.

  8. Customer

    I had this mirror for just over 8 months when it stopped working I contacted customer service and they sent me a new Head unit free of charge with no questions asked. I am very satisfied with this company the new unit works just fine

  9. Dildar Singh

    Product has a clear display and good recording capabilities ????

  10. CS O.

    Video is nice and easily saved in memory card.
    1. Doesn’t play properly in other devices such as laptop.
    2. No direct output of saved images and videos, both wireless or wired so each time the memory card is to be removed to view in Android phones.

  11. Prasad

    Wolfbox Mirror dash cam is easy to install (DIY).
    The quality of both cameras is excellent. Visibility is good even in low light. No vibrations noticed in the mirror dash cam.
    I would recommend this product for all car owners.

  12. Eric Kullu

    Camera Quality is very good, Touch screen is also nice, Picture quality on the screen is also very nice. I got it installed from outside coz rear camera installation and routing of wiring does require some effort. Best screen clarity and touch response at this price point.

  13. sreenath

    Good quality disaplay and video quality. worth the price.

  14. Krishna S.

    Very good performance. Touch screen is smooth. Night vision is clear. Must buy.

  15. F Abram

    Installed it on my Nexon EV without touching the electrical part. The performance is excellent. Display is sharp and crisp. Many features available to customize.

  16. Vineet Arora

    After several days of research for the best dash camera for my car and exploring various options of different brands, I finalized the Wolfbox 10 inch rear view camera that is only one available with GPS. Very nicely packed product was delivered with all the required accessories to install the camera. It took hardly half hour to install the front and rear camera. Some points that make this as one of the best dash camera available in India:
    1. Very bright and responsive touch screen
    2. Good view quality from both the cameras
    3. GPS enabled camera to check the speed and direction
    4. Continuous recording from both front and rear cameras
    5. Easy to access and see the recorded videos and pictures
    6. G-sensor works really well
    7. Lots of options in the menu to switch on/off start, click sounds etc.
    8. You can easily switch between front and back camera with a swipe as well as can see both cameras on the screen
    Looking at all these features, I will strongly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a rear view mirror dash camera.

  17. CaptMM

    Delivered before time. Great service by the seller. The product is very user friendly. Sharp and clear picture. Came with memory card installed. Real value for the amount paid. Should be on everyone’s short list if buying a dash cam.

  18. Brandon Smith

    I put this in a 99 4Runner. Vehicle was for my son. This offers a great peace of mind. It replaces the rear view mirror with a nice size back up camera. Much better field of view when in reverse. The front and rear facing cameras are great in the event of a collision to show exactly what happened. I bought the hard wire kit and wired it in permanently. I highly recommend going that route for a cleaner more dependable install. It takes time to run all the wiring but it¡¯s definitely worth it. I did lots of research and decided on this one. You won¡¯t regret it.

  19. Rajeesh

    Just now I received the product it¡¯s look great and quality is very good. I liked it

  20. Customer

    I was looking for a good dash cam and found this on . But the item was out of stock when I found it. Recently I saw it and ordered immediately. Installed myself within half an hour. Video quality is great and display is also good. I recommend this product beyond doubt.

  21. Karen OMA

    Don’t want to drill any holes in my car, Don in law said I should send it back.

  22. Mayank Saini

    I purchased this product after long and tiring research. I have felt the need of dash cam since long as now a days foolish people are more on the road and it’s important to have proof of your own. Also my Swift doesn’t have parking camera as it is a 2015 model and my music system is company fitted and working as good as new, therefore I didn’t want to change it for any screen which is essential for parking camera. Hence i landed on this product and believe me it is great for this price range. There are other similar products in this range but the quality is really great on this one. Also I installed it myself using the user guide within 30 minutes. The camera quality is great and we can adjust screen as per our requirement. Also reverse camera can also be adjusted to height from 4 modes. This product is really designed intelligently. I would totally recommend this to everyone.

  23. Chris messman

    I like the concept of the item and what it does its amazing looks like its really isk 4k or 1080p unless it will when its downloaded but the two issues I have is the back camera isn’t the best when any light touches it. Just makes everything blurry on the screen almost foggy and neither of the cameras have night vision unless I have to push a button to turn it on and I don’t know. Over all not a bad product

  24. Shawanna

    Was the best gift I gave for Father¡¯s Day

  25. BiCentinnialMan

    Packaging and Delivery by Photomedia is excellent. Product installed by Motominds in less than two hours and oh boy this has too many features. Full paisa vasool dash camera.

  26. Rajendra J.Parkhe

    Video is loading

  27. timothy windrim

    Camera was more clear than I thought it would be, it works great and the night vision on it is great. I have had to use it for an accident and when the video was shown the other person stopped their argument instantly.

  28. Osmundo T. De Los Santos Jr.

    Very good product

  29. K. Humes

    Love the back up camera feature, makes parking a little bit easier. Video is clear and the GPS is a nice gimmick.

  30. Sameer Kumar

    Good quality dash cam. Very durable. comes with long cables for rear camera.

  31. Jason K.

    Very happy with the camera. Install was super easy and customer service was fantastic when I caused an issue during install.

    For those like myself who will hardwire this guy instead of using the cig plug, save yourself some time and buy a stepdown converter because the camera runs on 5 volts not 12. You can get the converter on for $10.

  32. pradeep

    Product is good and delivered on time. Display and product quality is also good.

  33. Thomas

    Very good product, good clean camera. Nice and Wide back view

  34. Denise Thibault

    Very happy with unit, 4 stars is due to having to install firmware update (time zone issue not storing and always booting up in split screen instead of rear camera). I contacted the seller first via then Wolfbox support via service.wolfbox@gmail.com which is on back page of manual. Seller didn’t really know what to do except to ask about wiring and return product if still had issue, Wolfbox followed up the same day and emailed a firmware update which was easy to install and fixed the issue. Great cam for my needs!!

  35. Brian Wallace

    I absolutely loved this thing saved my ass many times. But then one day it just stopped working. I live in Texas so it probably got too hot.
    Update: The seller was nice enough to send me a replacement and I’m happy. Thank you.

  36. justin

    I’ve used this everyday for a month and I have two main issues with the hardware and software. Before I start, just a tip for people who complain about the display off-timer, there’s a button below the dashcam you can press to instantly turn the display off. Also, you don’t have to connect the gps module. Now here are my problems with this dashcam.

    1. Design: The front camera needs more swivel so we can angle it facing the center of the windshield. I have the front dashcam angled slightly to the right since I use the mirror as a normal mirror, but this causes the camera to be off-centered. If I want to center the device, I can’t see my rear window when I look at the mirror. 2. Software: This app needs a feature where you can select a video and choose to lock it. A select-lock would be useful for clips that you want to save and protect to review at a later date. Maybe it’s a near-crash scenario, or maybe a beautiful view.

    Overall great product, although it makes me wonder why most of these dashcams have suspiciously identical hardware and software even under a different brand name

  37. Kunde

    Ich habe mir diese Dashcam ausgesucht,da ich keine Heckfenster jedoch einen Innenspiegel habe.
    Die Montage war sehr einfach auch das Kabelverlegen ging schnell. Das Einrichten brauchten einen Moment da ich die Zeitzone nicht genau wusste. Es l?sst sich alles recht intuitiv einstellen.
    Die Qulit?t der Aufnahmen ist gut. Man kann ganz leicht zwischen beiden Kameras wechseln oder beide gleichzeitig anzeigen lassen.

    F¨¹r gr??ere Autos empfiehlt sich der extra Kabelsatz sonst fehlen einem nachher die letzten Zentimeter.

    Alles in allem kann ich diese Dashcam empfehlen.

  38. Niel Glenn Gonzaga

    Worth the money…highly recomended product

  39. Customer

    Very good camera quality. Easy swipe to switch between front and back camera. GPS included. Did not find option to turn off camera when car is parked. All installation accessories provided and it’s easy to install. Memory card needs to purchase separately.

  40. Udayakumar B.

    ?Product quality is excellent.. Able to use it even during on a bright sunny day.. installation is not exactly a breeze but manageable

  41. Ajith

    Very use full product

  42. _Cust

    Just installed the dashcam in my car. Fits fine to the IVRM. All accessories received as mentioned. Connects to cigarette charger for power. Clarity of the camera is good. Touch screen working smoothly to swipe between modes. Need to go through other available options from settings to make complete use of it.

  43. Narendra

    After a lot of research on various forums and websites, actual first hand experience of other products, decided to take the plunge on wolfbox.

    The product +
    1) perfect fit for the rear view mirrors of almost all cars.
    2) Front view is excellent even for view which is blocked by A pillars.
    3) Rear view is equally good.
    4) Can view dual screens side by side.
    5) build quality looks good.
    6) Touch screen is very responsive.

    As of now none.

  44. UK

    Just got the product, feels well built and not plasticky.

    Has the following in the box: Mirror dashcam, Rear camera with attached wire (3m sticker mount), dc power cable for 12v port (mini USB), GPS module with attached wire, cleaning cloth, 4 mirror mount straps (i think it’s 1 pair+ 1 pair spare), plastic pry tool

  45. Customer

    Camera quality is brilliant. Quality wise also 10/10. Absolutely no complaints. Works perfectly well.

  46. Joe Mathew

    Very good dash cam

  47. PS

    After reviewing almost all brands finally selected this product. Excellent w.r.t. Picture quality, touch screen. Recommended product. I was looking for front as well as for rear cam, andin this both cams have great picture quality and easy to access. Want to suggest to connect with an app for easy access

  48. Rajesh Poddar

    Very good quality dashcam…touch screen quality is good which is very handy when it comes to setting brightness and view of the cameras…GPS shows the real speed with the direction…overall very good quality product…Go for it without any hesitation..!

  49. Shantanu Sharma

    The dash came is amazing,the video quality is top notch of the front camera,rear camera quality is 1080p which is good.Touch screen just adds to the great user experience although it takes a couple of days to get used to a screen rather than a mirror.
    Overall a great product!

  50. Hitendra P.

    very helpful product for your daily road trip. best in class dashcam with recording. also come with all tools for installation which helps a lot for self installation.

  51. R.S. Billiter

    Purchased the Wolfbox T10 for my daughters automobile (teen driver). Easy to install, have only had it in the automobile for 24 hours. Took my daughters car today on a 120 mile round trip, the dash cam appears to be well built, very clear camera images (video & still frames), GPS performs 4.0. Connected the reverse light hot wire, it works as expected. Very easy to switch camera views from rear to front or split screen and go to black screen.
    UPDATE: 6/29/2022 Dashcam works great! The GPS is accurate (LNG & LAT, including travel speed), image (video & still) is very clear both day and night. I ordered a second one (6/24/2022) for my truck, it arrived 6/29/2022, again, same quality and ease of installation.
    If you’re looking for a dashcam, the Wolfbox is a good product at a very reasonable price.

  52. Sri

    After going through reviews of so many products I finally choose WolfBox. Received Wolfbox Dash Cum Rearview Camera in perfectly sealed condition and Loved it’s Built quality. Awsome Dash and Rear cameras, all provided features are working perfectly. It’s a perfect alternative to Car OEM cameras and infact exceeds the quality of those.

  53. Juan Moscol

    It shut off on me about 2 months into it being installed¡­..

  54. Jonathan

    First and foremost, wolfbox customer support has definitely been the best I’ve seen on . Mia was quick to respond (though it appears her working hours are in an Asian time zone) and was overall very helpful. I initially got this dash cam as my old one was constantly falling from my windshield due to the heat. Since this one straps onto my rearview mirror, it wouldn’t fall–plus it has both front and rear cameras. The front is advertised at 2k resolution, and it does seem crisp enough, though I am not 100% sure its good enough to see license plates at a moderate distance. As the rear camera is rated at an even lower resolution, it seems even more unlikely that it can capture a full license plate, especially under unideal circumstances. Still, having a camera is better than not having one, and it may prove adequate enough (though hopefully I’ll never have to find out). Installation was simple enough, though in my case the cable to the rear camera was way too long for me (though I have a small car). Software is easy to use and the added features like GPS and split screen are very nice additions. My main problem with the camera was that the time zone would never set accurately. No matter how many times I set it, it would adjust itself to some Asian time zone every time I restarted the car. Mia was helpful in addressing my problem, and we eventually figured it out with a software update. Though I don’t have 100% faith in the camera resolution, it is definitely better than what I had before, and for the price, the quality can’t be beat. With fantastic customer service added on top, this one is a winner in my book.

  55. Mandar

    Superb build quality. Front and rear Camera quality is really awesome. Overall WOLFBOX T10 is an excellent piece of hardware.

  56. aaradhya

    We purchased the wolf box dashcam for Nissan Magnate. The product packaging is too good. Amazing Picture Quality. The parking monitor captures all details in Time-lapse mode. The video quality is very good as promised. The area covered by the camera is good.
    The rear camera quality is also awesome. The package box contains all the accessories which are mentioned in the product description. Highly recommend it to all the people who are looking to purchase the dash am.Must buy.Great experience with Wolfbox.

  57. Shreya Ghadiyali

    Very useful and super product. Very easy to install. No need of technicians also. Product quality is also good. I connected reverse camera from inside into Ertiga. No need to touch company wiring so no warranty break issue.

  58. samir ranjan mohapatra

    The best thing I like about this product is picture quality. We can move camera in between up and down direction which make it place at any position.

  59. ankita Rangra

    Everything is nice..
    easy to use…. Everything is perfectly designed Like the Camera quality… worth buying

  60. Atanu Chakraborty

    ?I have just fixed this dash cam today, found camera quality is absolutely fantastic and wide angle quite good. Touch screen is also very good. I still not yet fix memory SD card and post shall post review on recoding quality later on. One think I feel the customer service number and technical enquiry phone number should provide on to understand technical points before buying.

  61. Nitheesh Krishnan

    ?Amazing picture quality for both front and rear even during the night time it’s giving you better picture with minimal light. This is the product if you are looking for a dash cam with dual recording and screen with parking assistance.


    – Front & Rear Cam : met expectations (both day & night, even during rain)
    – Touch Response – Good
    – Viewing angle adjustment : Very good
    – Parking assistance: Good
    – GPS and speed accuracy : Very good

    – expected adjustable rear cam holder ( it can be manageable since we can adjust the viewing angle from the screen itself)

    Altogether it’s a value for money product, Loved it??

  62. Marco G.

    Buon prodotto, a mio parere un po’ troppo sensibile, tutte le volte che esco dall’auto e chiudo la portiera lui rileva un park monitor come se mi avessero urtato , inoltre quando riaccendo l’auto compare il messaggio che ¨¨ intervenuto il park monitor e per farlo andare via bisogna confermare

  63. Paul Dunlap

    I got everything installed to use fuse box power. Installed the GPS hidden. I then installed the red wire on the back up camera and now the back up camera is always on! I tried attaching to power on light. I tried attaching to fend on the light but nothing works.

    The recording set up works great but the back up on reverse cam doesn¡¯t work.

    I hope someone will be able to help me with this issue.

  64. Sean mcGowan

    System installs easily and works as advertised. The GPS time function would not automatically select the correct date and time. I contacted customer service who sent me downloads which fixed the problem. Customer service followed up to make sure the issue was resolved.

  65. carlosvega6024

    It can keep track of time zone and have a GPS ,camera ,microphone, keeps track of your speed!!

  66. Anubhav

    2k front camera with 1080p rear cam is superbly working with my car. Really easy to install as well. I am glad to find this on as of now. I will put up a detailed review after a month of usage

  67. Rakesh KR

    I received the item on 3/5/22. It is very simple to fit in the car. You can search you tube videos too, no need of technitian. The camera quality is very impressive. No difference between screen image and actual image. The brand is also popular. You cannot regret once purchased. Worth the money. I bought this for my xl6.

  68. dpprimevdo

    Looking for rear view dash cam as in my car there is no back camera so dial channel dash cam will serve both purpose like back camera as well as dash cam recorder. Search end up at wolfbox dashcam. This is good dash cam with decent touch screen and lot of functionality. UI is user friendly can easily swap between fron and rear view and can adjust camera angle via touch screen . Both cam quality is good. Packaged well and delivered before time . Will add more detail in future after long term use.

  69. santhosh

    Dashcam received on time and in good condition.
    Camera clarity is amazing. Multi purpose serves as a dashcam and reverse camera. It has all the features which are needed. Must buy.

  70. Gaaakattack

    The cords plugs are so small and easy to pass through factory boot/plugs with other wire. It also had a factory quality rear camera mount that didn¡¯t look cheesy¡­ All wire sets are long enough to coil extras when done snaking through the interior to stay hidden.


    After careful analysis this Wolfbox T10 was purchased. It is more than expected. The picture quality in front camera is awesome. The rear camera has been fixed on the top of number plate and it is great during day and night. Thanks to the wide angle, both cameras perform well. Smooth function of touch screen facility and numerous menus make our car journey happy. Great product. Your valuable car will feel great on adding wolfbox T10.

  72. kath

    Brilliant product

  73. Enrique

    Seve muy claro los veh¨ªculos

  74. Christina

    I bought 3 of these dash cam the first one perfect second one less feature third one oh my God even less features I don¡¯t understand description on there are all the same no difference but got less items less features The prices were great also Quality is great

  75. yogesh kumar

    Excellent product, I have used a lot of dash cam but I couldn’t become satisfied, This is the only one dash cam which will fulfill your requirements. I am very happy with this product…. Touch screen, camera quality and picture quality is very very excellent…

  76. Cliente

    El producto en general es bueno y la calidad de imagen muy buena, por encima de todo est¨¢ el servicio t¨¦cnico, atento, r¨¢pido y muy pr¨¢ctico, se esfuerzan en ayudarte,

  77. Customer

    Great camera, easy to install and with good service to the buyers. They care…

  78. IamKMoore

    Easy to install. Easy to use. So far I have not had any issues. I like that you can swipe from front to rear view. You can turn it off with the button underneath and it’s still records while you’re driving. Menu’s easy to access. You can flip the rear camera if you’re stalling it underneath the bumper instead of over. This review is for the 2.5 k 10 in Wolf box

  79. Rakan

    The problem with this mirror is that it records the plate numbers in backwards !!! Of course, I’m talking about the rear camera

  80. Customer

    Fitted to my daughter’s mini clubman estate she uses the rear camera for her actual rear view, brilliant quality picture and also front camera too, customer service is the best ever, my wife took the car to be washed and they broke the camera off with a brush, she drove with the camera lens hitting the road, destroying the lens,(still working though)-we asked customer service to buy a replacement they sent a new camera to us within a week free of charge,brilliant service and product ,definitely buy from this company again for next daughter’s car .

  81. Nandan

    Touch screen is with excellent sensitivity, 2k+ front cam is a fit for purpose. Rear cam better be fixed from within. Hardwire kit better be supplied.

  82. Ron Indran

    I have aa front and rear camera. My screen becomes the rearview camera and works reliably. I was rear-ended and I submitted front and rear footage to the other party’s ins company and they accepted liability in 24 hours. I would not drive without this. Getting one for my wife’s car too.

  83. Amrendra

    I have ordered this product for my Nexon XMS. Initially I was interested to install android system but later changed my mind by seeing this product on because it fulfills my desire of back camera with guidelines which also doesnt hamper original sound quality of company fitted music system. It perfectly fits with irvm even without removing it
    Front and rear Camera quality is really awesome . Recording quality is great in both. Easy to use and transfer recorded content into mobile.
    Good value for money product. And in last deliverd the product before time. Thanks

  84. Jasmine

    If your planning on using this in a Jeep JL look for something else because you won¡¯t be able to lower and raise your visor.

  85. Tracy S.

    Very pleased as my unit failed to turn on after it was out of warranty and notified and the team took care of our order without any questions or hesitations! Great customer service with nice people! In addition, I did my research and decided to go with this unit and really like a lot of the features. There is a firmware update that I hope will allow the mirror to have a dimming feature on the screen for those dark highways not requiring full brightness.

  86. Varinder

    its date time auto reset each and every time I start car. Also its GPS system not working sometime. Problem with image capture, can’t open or view captured image.

  87. Suraj Prakash

    ?The overall experience of product is amazing.
    Screen : Touch response is quick and the quality of screen is good with lot of functions.
    Camera : Both camera units are amazing. It captures a wide range with crisp and clear pictures. Back camera is adjustable which is really awesome.
    Picture Quality : You can record and sanp any moment with just a click. The quality it delivers is really good.
    Plus :
    You can adjust the of viewing angle by just swiping up and down.
    The build quality is also good.
    Packaging of the product was nice and sturdy with all the equipments available in it. It was easy to install.

    Hope this review helps.

  88. sudheer kushnekar

    Front and back cameras are superb .. night view also fine .. easy to install … Overall great product …

  89. Tom

    The images seem a bit small but clear and bright.

  90. Zaid Ansari

    Excellent product. Initially faced some issues in date and time setting with GPS. After firmware upgrade issue resolved. Excellent what’s app support team.
    This dash cam should come with app and wifi connectivity to phone to download videos.

  91. Customer

    Nice packing and delivered before the mentioned delivery time.
    Box contains the front cam with mirror screen, rear cam with required cables and GPS unit. Power adapter is also provided and is easy to install but for May car the cable was short because the 12 volt charger is under the handrest.

    I tested the screen, front and rear cam and picture quality seems to be as expected.

    Will update the post after Testing rest of thr features.

    Seller is very helpful, I explained him the situation about my car and the cable length, he offered to help with providing hardwire kit.

  92. Customer

    Installing was done with ease and quality of dash cam is very good. You will get your money’s worth.

  93. Customer

    It was a good product for front and rear cam recording in the Car mirror dash. Settings and operations are easier. Try it…

  94. Butterfly Jazz

    excellent product when sun isn’t shining on mirror.

  95. Nazar Rana

    I was searching for dashcam since I’m driving new Thar, because rearview mirror is small in the car and boot tire is also visible. I have seen 70mai but that doesn’t have GPS and screen size is also small. This wolfbox dashcam had solved my all problem large screen, GPS, great screen resolution. Best dash with digital screen available in India rightnow. Undoubtedly recommended product.

  96. David J.

    ?I live outside the US. Purchased this unit because where I live if you’re in an accident it’s always your word against the other driver. Having a video record is great insurance. This unit was recommended and, given the very reasonable price, I decided to buy it. Unfortunately, it took a few months after purchase to pick it up in the US, bring it back, and get it installed. After installation by an audio/video installer, I noticed a couple of minor issues. There seemed to be a missing menu item that was shown in the documentation and a subsequent parking mode glitch. I reached out (via email) to the manufacturer. Given the time zone differences the response was fantastic! My tech support rep (Ivy – who was awesome) suggested that the audio video installer had mis-wired the hard wire kit. Offered to have engineering review my installers fuse connections which she believed to be the source of the issue. Long story short (it took a number of communications with Ivy to finally identify the problem) all is working perfectly. The problem was that the documentation suggested using the accessory fuse which, in my car, did not fully remove power from the system. Once I realized the issue – simply connected to the radio fuse and all worked perfectly. In the video you can see the quality of the image front and rear AND the location of the included GPS unit (hardly noticeable). I can’t say enough nice things about this company and the unit….love it!

  97. Vishal Sambar

    After doing a lot of research I bought this dash cam, this is one of the best dash cam, the great thing is that the camera is integrated with IRVM, screen quality is best, it would be great of they could have provided (at least accessories) bracket arm to fix this if someone doesn’t want to use this as main IRVC cum dash cam without having two unnecessary IRVMs, rest I’m happy with my purchase, thanks!

  98. Archana Mohandas

    Camera quality is exceptional and we are able to view objects from car in more clarity.

  99. Johnpadwal

    Best mirror dash cam, using this cam from last 8-9 days. Pretty much satisfied with the performance. Both Camera Clearity is good. Driving car with back camera view on highway will give you more wider visibility than normal mirror.

  100. yhang0679

    The product build is top notch for the price. Would have given it 4 stars only since the charger that came with product is faulty, but since their after sales customer service is very good, fast and very accommodating, i had to give it 5 stars. By the way, aside from offering a replacement charger right away, they even gave me an option if i want the hardwire kit as a replacement for the faulty charger which I have accepted. Overall, happy customer here.

  101. karthiktamil

    Ordered 10″ wolfbox 2.5k mirror dash cam after seeing all the reviews and also ive done many research on the dash cam segment and found the mirror dash cam to be good. Wolfbox is one of the good product in this segment.

    Front cam Video quality is really amazing and backup cam is fair enough to see the number plate of the vehicle coming in the behind. Overall it has got many features like muting the audio, panning the viewing area, simple screen swipe to change the camera front or back or both. Overall it’s a best product and i have easily installed it in my XUV 700.

  102. PRM

    I have selected 10¡± dashcam after analysing many dashcams through YouTube video. This is my observation after two days of use. Screen quality is good and it impressed me. Both front and rear cameras are really awesome. To get proper view of the front left in narrow spaces, front camera up/down rotation should¡¯ve been bit more. Overall, this camera is very good.

  103. Lavina

    This dashcam comes with all good features. 2.5k recording, GPS, parking assist, G-sensor etc. Easy to install. Just take your time while installing.

  104. Customer

    ?It¡¯s classy. Picture quality is just awesome. Numerous customisations. GPS is a boon. You get speed, direction. There is front cam, rear cam and split view that can be seen from both the cams together. You just need to swipe across the screen. Rear cam has angle adjustments. Great value for money. Parking assist is cool. The best part is the wide view angle.

  105. Jose A

    c¨¢mara trasera es horrible se mira mucho ruido en la imagen y de noche no es como lo prometen de lo dem¨¢s no tengo queja

  106. Ajinkya

    I would say this is one of the best dash cam right now available in India.
    Its has GPS and recording of both front and rear cams. And build quality is far more superior than others product in this category

  107. Shailendra Rawat

    Picture/ Camera quality is nice ….

  108. noname

    I really wanted this smart mirror to work as advertised. I installed it in a car that has a roll bar that blocks the OEM rear-view mirror. This Wolfbox unit works well; the resolution isn’t “EXCELLENT” but it’s very good, the brightness adjuster can be configured to take out a lot of the annoying headlight/lightpost glare…

    BUT. The time and date display cannot be hidden. In the three pictures of their mirror in their advertisement, Wolfbox shows three shots of clear mirrors–no time and date displays in any of the pictures. I purchased the unit assuming I could find instructions to configure my installation in this manner. I couldn’t.

    I sent an email to the manufacturer and to their credit, they responded “immediately” (assuming they’re overseas) within 24 hours. Verbatim is their reply below:

    “We are sorry about this issue, about hiding the time and date there are many customers want to be able to display the time during display mode, so currently there is no setting to hide the time, but we will let the technical department to make adjustments in the subsequent software to be able to hide the time as an option. When T10 is able to hide time in display mode we will tell you ASAP.
    Pls feel free to tell us for any question.”

  109. Customer

    the cam is very cool i would go back some time to rewatch some of the things ive seen on the road like some one giving the middle finger and deer moving accross the road etc. its a neat cam also like the back up camera very good item

  110. Esau Monroy

    La calidad del producto es muy buena, para carros sedan, puede que el cable de la c¨¢mara de reversa no alcance

  111. Teresa – please refund my money, it would not allow me to return and get a refund

    I bought this dashcam under review from multiple reviewers. The Wolfbox T10 Plus has a lot of really nice features which makes it a modern day dashcam. However, every time I have driven with the T10 Plus, I have ran into issues.

    First, the rear view camera’s nightime glare from other headlights is unacceptable. While driving at night, there is so much flash from opposing cars behind you that it actually makes it impossible to see them. If you ever get rear ended at night, I’m not sure if it would be easy to get the person’s license plate number.

    Next, the glare from the mirror itself makes the mirror hard to use in the daytime. Yes, the mirror itself is supposed to function as a mirror when the camera is off. However, even when it’s on, you get both the LCD image from the rear view camera, as well as a reflection from the mirror. This creates two images in the mirror, making it really annoying to use on bright days.

    All in all, there might be better options out there. I don’t recommend getting this one.


    First, I would like to thank the seller, Wolfbox, for reaching out to me about my review. I am working with them to see how they can improve their product.

    I’m also attaching a picture of what the nighttime glare looks like from the rearview camera. As you can tell from the picture, I can’t see the license plate of the person behind me. Were a collision to happen, I am not sure whether this product would capture the license plate.

    EDIT #2:

    With their consistent customer service and their willingness to address my issue (such as sending me an upgraded rearview camera), I am changing my rating from 3 star to 4 star.

  112. Customer

    The screen quality is phenomenal. I had an issue with my camera and they took care of it immediately.

  113. Very Disppointed

    Living in a warm climate an very little humidity mounting this in a Jeep Wrangler worked great. This camera system will not fall off when you go trail riding. The setup was easy and the menu easy to use.

    Thumbs up to Wolfbox, great system.


    Refleja mucho principalmente en los dias soleados, la amplitud de la imagen es muy buena pero al reflejar mucho es mejor no tenerlo

  115. Andy Belcher

    I was looking for a reversing camera to install in my camper van conversion. This mirror reversing camera/Dash cam is so much more than that. The mirror touch screen looks so neat and provides lovely clear images. The added ability to record footage for park up security and collisions is just such a great bonus. Also, customer support is first class with quick response and great help.

  116. Hehan

    It’s easy to install and use. Very good product. Very worthy to buy.

  117. Abdallah A.

    I like the image quality and it¡¯s easy to use and to install the only thing am afraid is the screen get too hot and am worried to use it for long time this is my first time using it within 2 minutes of usage the screen is sooooo hot and definitely its not for the night

  118. Customer

    First I want to mention the support from the supplier. They are doing very fantastic job.
    When I bought this product the firmware was not up-to-date and missing some of the features. I contacted the supplier through WhatsApp and provides instant reply. Helped me to update the firmware and now its working great.
    Front camera quality is awesome.
    Back camera is good.
    Touch screen response is good.
    Overall great product, One of the best dash cam in the segment.
    Go for it.

  119. SGRTP

    Mirror dash cam has some impressive build quality. Video quality from both front and rear camera is very good. Will post additional details after using sometimes

  120. Nitesh k.

    Supplier is very supportive, provides instant reply on WhatsApp. I had to return it because of sd card issue.
    Device records at 25fps from both front and rear camera.

  121. Bryan Santiago

    I love the quality of the front Camera the night vision is great and everything is super crisp and clear. The only little issue is how the camera reacts to lights especially the rear camera when it gets a light shining on it it’s a little difficult to see but it’s not too bad to get around that. It is super easy to install and you just need a screw driver and maybe some wire cutter or something to strip the wires and connect them but it’s nothing to hard. Their customers service is amazing and the company is very quick in responding to any issues that you may have.
    -Great cameras
    -Easy enough installation with tutorials
    -Great costumer service
    – Lights can make it a little difficult to see especially on the rear camera

  122. C A Young

    My wife¡¯s car . 1 small thing front camera on wrong side off mirror, and not correct if you reverse it wires out bottom.

  123. Bakul K.

    Touch screen: 5/5, very responsive and fluid
    Features: 5/5: all the features that you need
    Value for Money: 5/5, expensive in the category but worth it.
    Night vision: if you see a blur, it is because your windshield has scratches

    I have XUV500 and it works perfectly barring very little adjustment issues.
    1. The coverage of the front camera, the angle the front camera can be adjusted by rotating it (left, right, up, and down) but if you want to cover the corner of your front car (for XUV especially) you need either compromise on right side of front corner or you have to straighten the mirror inside the car. A little more rotation angle would have solved it. But it is not too much bother.
    2. Back camera: work perfectly. However for XUV I found it to be fitted inside the car near rear glass rather outside.
    3. GPS: I am facing issues with GPS. It is fitted at a place where signals should not be an issue but generally it comes after about 10 minutes, doesn¡¯t matter I am in open or in shade. But the seller is awesome, he has immediately replaced it. Thank you so much.
    4. Just a suggestion: For XUV if you already have a pinhole camera in bumper don¡¯t throw it away, it is still useful as it gives bird eye view (not literally but as horizontal coverage), which this dash am lacks but that is not its purpose.

    Apart from that, there are some incredibly intelligent things that the manufacturer has done which are not highlighted in any description like, while the display will show you portion of the front or back, you can slide up and down to adjust the view, especially back. Similarly while you are reversing, you will have four views (top to bottom) to view the things that are very near to car. Split views of front and back are awesome.

    Overall, the quality is awesome, and simultaneous recording of front and back is very helpful.

    Just need to remember primary reason is recording any incident when it happens. it happened with me, it was useful to show the parent that how their kids were not following the rules (no accident happened but near accident was recorded).

    Pictures later.

  124. philip

    I have put this in my camper van and it is great for reversing


    Product is good
    Superb picture quality and easy to install
    Really the display quality for the front and rear camera is too good

  126. Rayudu Kishore

    Nice product, a must for 4 wheelers now a days to have evidence, in case of any incident

  127. Merrill Yancey

    Can see back up camera angle in mirror when in drive. Reverse turns on camera as should but signal still gets to mirror in drive. Must disconnect power via lighter when not backing. Sucks.

  128. Prakash

    I was searching for a better dash cam since long. But many of the dash cams were having very small screen or no screen. Then I came across this Wolfbox touch screen mirror duel dash cam on and my search ended there. I saw so many reviews on You tube about Wolfbox T10 mirror duel dash cam, which were all positive and I decided to buy it immediately. I installed it myself which took about an hour. I was amazed to see the picture quality. Really the display quality for the front and rear camera is too good. I love the wide-angle, unobstructed rear-view. I can see cars in both blind spots at the same time. It is really a best replacement for IRVM. Now I am eagerly waiting for a Hardwire Kit so that I can use parking mode functionality. Really a best buy at this price.

  129. Mandeep Singh

    Product is good, delivery is fast
    Camera quality is best

  130. amit

    Good quality good seller five star

  131. rjhlt

    First, customer service is knowledgeable and very helpful. Really troubleshooting and not reading from a piece of paper like others do. They sent me an old gen mirror and it has parking mode. Apparently the new one does not have that feature, not sure why.

    The parking mode does not work. The g sensor works to lock videos while driving but not when the car is off. I know the HARDWIRE KIT is correctly installed because when the car is off, I can long press the power button to turn it on. I emailed WOLFBOX and working through this with them (so far they wanted me to buy the other model and offered me 15% discount but I want this smaller mirror). Dropping to two stars till somebody corrects this issue. I found marks on my car and would love to know who did them but without the parking mode, it’s not possible.

    ORIGINAL REVIEW (5 stars)
    I’m really happy with this product. Got the hard wire kit and installed everything really well. The GPS and backup cam works too but I did not install the GPS since my car was already showing that. I recommend seller to sell those little things separately. I could have saved some electronic waste and spent my money on what I need. Like using a better rear cam. The front cam is really good even at 1080p but not the rear cam. It’s grainy and night vision could be better.

    Now more important con: the rear view mirror is dim and kind of weird. I planned to keep it on off so it works as a mirror but that isn’t an option anymore. When I turn on the backup camera as my rear view, it has a lot of glare from the cars behind. So I ended up angling the mirror to my back seats, and then use the camera as rear view mirror. So far I’m managing but must admit, it could have been better.

  132. Alanna

    Awesome Christmas gift. Impression with the video quality, how it has so many settings and etc. When I say this product comes with everything, it comes with EVERYTHING. Totally impressed. Thank you for such a great product.

  133. Ravichellam

    Video is loading


    I have tata tiago. The product is very compatible with my car. Screen is good. Touch is smooth. Nice product.

  135. aditya bhargava

    What I liked:
    1. Picture quality
    2. Easy to install
    3. Wire length (it’s good enough for a suv)
    4. Swapping gesture for switching cams

  136. Rashedul islma rony

    i like this camara this camara receding Supper????

  137. Jared Hardy Atkins

    ?I installed this dashcam three days before I hit a deer on the highway. I was in the express lane and it jumped over the barricade right into my car. Didn¡¯t have time to brake or swerve. I sent the footage to my insurance company and was able to get the full amount for my vehicle. I used the check and a healthy chunk of my savings to upgrade to a very nice new car. It¡¯s all thanks to this fantastically designed dashcam.

    Unfortunately, the new car¡¯s mirror is too large for this dashcam, so I had to retire it. Currently I¡¯m on the market for another.

  138. m fitzpatrick

    Good night vision would be better if fixed power lead was included as well as plug in power lead .Mia was very helpful with some technical issues

  139. Tim

    The camera’s quality it miles better than any mirror dash cam I have previously had. The night vision is better than expected, but can be dark/ hard to see depending on the outdoor lighting.
    Customer service is 5 star, I will be purchasing again.

  140. r.sah

    I was looking for a mirror dash cam with rear view camera for quite a long time. At last got to know about wolfbox through a YouTube video and got it through . Received the product before time and happy to get it as mentioned in the website.
    1. Video quality is superb even with full Hd(lower settings). It has a capability to go upto 2k video. Same with rear camera and quality is top notch.
    2. Touch screen help in easily shifting the view from front to back to both.
    3. I did the installation myself and setting is super easy. May refer youtube videos.
    4. Option to record audio is a plus point..
    5. Very sleek and stylish and build quality is good
    6. Have GPS receiver which can help..
    1. Front full view is comming inverted. May be some setting need to check.
    2. No other complain so far..
    3. Brand advertising lacking

  141. Habmx

    Camera quality is good especially front camera.
    The main missing is no file transfer option ??

  142. Customer

    Very good product although there were minor niggles, like not keeping the correct time zone and some menu spelling mistakes. Contacted Mia through customer support and problems were sorted promptly with a series of firmware updates provided by return mail. Overall very pleased and cannot thank Mia enough for the prompt service. Would therefore recommend the product

  143. shubham n.

    Delivery was prompt. Had ordered this for my Skoda Kushaq. I installed it myself in about an hour. Dual camera quality is good. Touch response is superb. Gps works fine. No SD card included in the box. Overall great buy. Warranty still remains a doubt as it’s a China based product.

  144. Mr. Trevor Little

    Date, time and go’s display cannot be turned off…. this a little irritating at night, but otherwise a good product

  145. Kunga W.

    Product look good as shown in picture.. super fast delivery..

  146. Mike

    Great addition to my Jeep. I highly recommend the hardwire kit. Easy to set up and use.

  147. Aaron

    Overall the quality of the camera is good. Initially, I had an issue with the screen since the screen will not turn off after 1 minute. I reached out to customer service (contact@wolfbox.com) in regards to the issue I was having. The email response is fairly fast. After explaining the situation with customer service, they provided a software update which resolved my issue. They will provide you with the step necessary such as videos of how to update the camera successfully.

  148. Glynmar

    Fitted this in my convertible and so far so good. Rear cable was only just long enough. My existing mirror is 11¡± so this is not quite wide enough to completely cover it because of the camera on the front. But it is better than the 10¡± one with the slide out camera on the end which I sent back. The quality of of both front and rear camera is excellent and gives a very wide view. There is some reflection when but if you tilt the mirror down slightly it disappears. As it is in a convertible the mirror is quite close to my eyes and now being wider takes some adjusting to. So I am very pleased with it and it is far superior to the old Nextbase Duo I used to have. Just hoping the reliability is good but only time will tell.

  149. Ying

    ?I got the mirror dash camera the day after I ordered. Faster than ever. The camera and accessories are nicely packed. The Murrow camera is of high quality. Instructions are easy to follow. The mirror looks like a normal mirror when it is not in camera mode, making it fit with my car. Camera itself is of high quality. 5 star of this purchase!

  150. Alexus

    I love my mirror! Great quality! It is a great help because I have trouble parallel parking and with the rear view camera I don¡¯t have any trouble at all! It is so easy to install as well.

  151. Emad

    Respectful Customer service and up to date after purchase follow up. Wolfbox is ready to go above and beyond for customer satisfaction!!! Thanks Mia!

  152. Xi Huang

    This is the first “rear mirror attach” recorder that I bought. I have to say it’s much elegant than those standalone ones. What is also surprise me that it’s even fit for my thick rear mirror.

    For the dash cam, the installation took me about 20 minutes. It’s easy, the cable is perfectly fit for my car. The rear camera is little bit complicated, so I recommended watch the video on YouTube or contact the seller. By the way, their customer service replies pretty fast.The 32G SD card also include, which is nice. The GPS is just like a bonus for me, it will record some data like location and speed in footage.

    For those who gonna buy it, please take some time to read the menu. There are few functions quite confused me at first time actually very useful. Like split screen and front/rear camera switch.

  153. Drake69

    This is actually the T10 PLUS instead of the T10, and the only difference is the firmware. Physically, the hardware for both models is the same from what I can tell, but the firmware makes all the difference. It is similar to the other model I bought a few years ago for my Jeep, and has all the same configurations as that model (of which I no longer have since I traded in my Wrangler…). No matter, this camera is excellent in function and form in every way and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone who drives either daily, long trips, runs to the grocery store, EVERYWHERE you need to be, with the knowledge that if your car is damaged in some way, this will definitely capture it all.

  154. Zarathustra smith.

    This is an excellent mirror cam. It has a large viewing screen. Picture quality is also excellent both during the day and night. This mirror cam comes with everything you need the power harness, the rear camera harness and the GPS unit. It comes with handy plastic tool to tuck all the wires easily into the trim. You dont need to remove existing mirror it attaches straight to the vehicles mirror. It took me less than 60 minutes to install. I am extremely pleased with this item. Will probably give a couple as a gift.

  155. M1

    I bought it by mistake, but it was a very nice surprise! The quality is plastic, but since it attaches to the rearview mirror it stays there safely unlike the cameras with the suction cup that keeps falling and breaking! It was very easy to install (watch tutorial online, since the instructions are limited), the touch screen and features are easy to use and since setup I there is not much need to modify them. The only downside is the price it is overpriced, so do your research.

  156. Michael SA Texas

    Recently I was rear ended, the video was the source of information for the officer who issued a ticket to the rear driver

  157. howard77

    The product was just fine, except it was missing items, 3m stick tape and plastic tool for inserting cable in car. I returned item due to the rear camera flicking while driving, it looks like the connection is bad and I could not get it to stop. I gave the camera quality a 3 because the front camera worked great, but the rear was bad. I did order a replacement but this time it is new maybe it will contain all the parts.

  158. Anjali sebastian

    I was looking for an IRVM mountable dashcam, and had a few models shortlisted. But since, most of them were out of stock, I had to expand my search, and that’s how I came across Wolfbox brand, which was an unfamiliar name for me at the time. But, once i got to know about the brand, I made up my mind to get the offering from Wolfbox, which is being sold at a premium rate, but its definitely worth it. A wifi enabled transfer & playback feature would have been awesome, though. Nevertheless, Its 100% VFM.

  159. Zoey

    ?Really like the screen touch, I just setup the mode before I started to install it in my car. The installation process was easier than I thought, maybe because I got a mechanic engineering friend! I just hide the wires inside my car. I have tried their front and rear camera, and it is super distinct. I could even try reverse park right now! Excellent product! BTW, the GPS is also very useful!!

  160. Sudhamshu Rao

    Good mirror dashcam,good resolution cam,lot of features with gps

  161. Daniele Ferraro


  162. satyanarayan

    Have been looking for rear view dashcam from many months. After so many research I purchased this product. It¡¯s better than what I expected with plenty of features. I never imagined GPS with this. I got many in small price. Actually I planned for 12¡±, since I am using a small car where space is less I ended with buying 10¡± display. I¡¯m very happy with its performance and I took 30 Min. to install by myself. Camera resolution and rear view cam is great and it¡¯s easy to handle. I would strongly recommend this.

  163. Diwakar singh

    A very good quality Dashcam/ DVR for car.
    Camera Quality- Very Good
    Recording quality- 2K quality
    Overall Good quality Dashcam with GPS and Parking assist

  164. tonyrs

    Everything you expect is there and it works great looking mirror however it is for the left hand cars but that’s not problem as with before you would tilt it to the driver you now don’t have to so you see everything I have mounted my rear camera to the rear screen and its perfect, setting up is easy right out the box it works.

  165. Travis Marr

    ?WolfBox is a fantastic product and company. Very professional and helpful as they helped me get the proper size camera for my Honda and even sent a hardwire kit with no additional cost in a expedient manner as I was preparing for my road trip. So far I have a 1000 miles with this product and love it. Camera quality is amazing as well as the night vision, Provides me almost 360 degrees of viewing coverage, the dual 1080p view is phenomenal at night. The touch screen is very user friendly and is easy to use while driving. And for those moments when I want to capture a beautiful view or something on my trip I just hit the easy to use camera button and it snaps the photo for me with out having to fumble with my phone while driving. The Impact sensor has 3 sensors which makes for great alerts. I highly recommend this device.

  166. Lkp

    Have been planning to import this rear view dashcam from USA but to my surprise it was available in India for minor difference in the price. Seller had promptly shipped the package and it took 30 minutes for me to do the installation (all by myself). Excellent camera resolution and rear view cam is of great helf for my Alturas SUV (earlier I have had difficulty using rear view mirror specially when middle seat gets occopied). It records high quality 2.5K front cam video and 1080p rear video simultaneously. If anyone in the market for a dashcam then I would strongly recommend this.

  167. Croton Mom

    I bought this device for my Toyota Sienna to add a backup camera. After taking the mirror out of the box, I was very impressed by the high quality, sleek build and metal on the body. The process of setting it up requires minimal skill and time. Now that it is setup, it automatically switches tot he backup camera when I go into reverse. I would recommend this product to anybody with a car. Very impressive and great value.

  168. Mike Helme

    Love it! Was easy to install and use. Use it in rear view mode to get a better view behind me.

  169. Eibbor Shorg

    Impeccable, A+ customer service which is the first great point of this purchase.
    This unit is very, very simple to install and clean looking with no clutter. Passenger’s don’t even know its a dash camera. Clear video day/night. Easy to use on screen setup/touch menu that doesn’t leave fingerprints/smudges. Very happy with this product and a great piece of mind for a very small investment. Thank you WOLFBOX.

  170. Elena Pervin

    I like the product, perfect for an older car without a backup camera.
    I was especially impressed by the company’s customer service. Had issues with installing the camera (not camera related) , emailed thier customer support. They went above and beyond to resolve the issue, even offered to ship me hardwire kit replacement. It didn’t come to that, the issue was resolved.

  171. Lee Gaylor

    Have had several different dashcams. This one has great picture quality both on front facing and rear facing cams.
    Wish it would come with about 10′ more cable but still a great dashcam

  172. China9128

    Quality is great & set up was a breeze.

  173. Cassie

    I received this dash cam as a gift a few months ago. It took a while to get it installed because the included instructions were not very helpful, but once it was installed it was amazing!

    While there is a bit of a glare from headlights while driving at night, it’s really not that much worse than the headlights just in the regular mirror.

    My power cord went on the fritz a couple weeks back, after just a couple of months of use, and the camera wouldn’t stay on and would simply keep rebooting or not turn on at all. I emailed customer service and got a response within an hour, way outside of normal business hours (it was past10pm here on a weekend), I was fully expecting to have to wait a few days for a response! I explained the issue I was having and Mia, the agent I was emailing with, offered to send me a replacement cord. When I received the cord it ended up being the incorrect one, so I again emailed Mia late at night not expecting a second quick response. She proved me wrong and got back to me within an hour yet again! We got everything straightened out and the correct cord showed up just a couple of days later. It’s been working perfectly since then!

    While there are a few things I would change, overall this dashcam is amazing and so is the customer service that is extended when an issue crops up.

  174. Philip Watson

    The cameras are great and super easy to install and use.
    I use it as a rearview camera permanently and my wagon has poor visibility.
    The most impressive part was Wolfbox¡¯s customer service. I could find the kph speed setting, so they emailed me the firmware upgrade with all the instructions.
    I then noticed a few dead pixels, within 24 hours of letting them know, I had a new one at my front door.
    Great product, outstanding service.

  175. Steven Dubuisson-Perrine

    I¡¯m very happy I purchased hard wire connections they were a little difficult to install but worth it great quality very friendly support and replied the very next day recommend this product

  176. Jiayi Zhao

    The size is exactly suitable for my rear view mirror,I originally wanted to buy a 12-inch one, but luckily I didn¡¯t do it.Thanks to smaller size,the price is better

  177. Isaac

    Image is clear to back up additional camera

  178. Irene

    Ho provato e reso diverse dashcam: chortau, boscam, thieye,wordcam, azdome.
    I difetti erano vari ma di solito o vibravano troppo durante la marcia, o erano troppe scure se usate come specchietto normale o avevano qualche difetto software/hardware.
    Grazie alla forma degli agganci questa Wolfbox rimane molto stabile sullo specchietto della mia Seat Leon e non presenta altri difetti fastidiosi. Inizialmente quando andava in screensaver mode (modalit¨¤ specchietto normale) il display non si spegneva al 100% ma grazie ad un firmware update inviatomi dall’assistenza il difetto ¨¦ stato corretto. Un punto a favore ¨¦ proprio il fatto che esiste un servizio di assistenza che risponde via mail in tempi brevissimi.

  179. KC

    The picture quality is great on both cameras. I like that I have front and rear evidence in the event of a fender bender. I can’t get the GPS functions to work on mine yet, but that will be nice to have.

  180. Becca

    Camera quality is crisp and detailed. Wiring was easy although the instructions were not clear. I did not wire the back-up function to the rear as I already have that function in my car. The only downside to this is that the display is not bright enough to be used when it is very sunny and that¡¯s most of the driving that I do. This display can be turned off while the cameras continue to operate and the mirror finish is clear so the brightness issue is only a minor inconvenience, especially since the mirror is much larger than my factory mirror. For reference I drive a lot, as in typically over 1000 miles/week.

  181. Kim Gold

    This is my new favorite toy. I will never want to look through a normal rear view mirror again.

  182. Tavis G.

    Its great

  183. Cory

    I really love it and it works as advertised. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is because of the screen quality during the day or rather the lack thereof. It’s practically useless on a bright sunny day as the glare of the screen makes it almost impossible to see the camera footage. If they only made the max screen brightness brighter this wouldn’t be a ptpblem, hopefully they correct this with their next model.

  184. jason espinosa

    Speed display could be larger, very small hard to see during daytime.
    Power cable only lasted a month had to replace

  185. The BOSS

    Imagine quality great , touch screen great , night vision ok , in general I recommend this cam

  186. Romualdo Arizpe

    The ease of use and picture quality were great. I also liked the quick response to the technical problem I had. The rear camera cord was too short and the replaced it with a longer one promptly.

  187. Matt M. Foster

    As a video product. The 1st thing is the quality. Great. No issues. I forget sometimes it¡¯s a camera and just think it¡¯s a mirror it¡¯s so good.
    The dashcam feature is also a nice addition. It¡¯s quality too is also pretty good compared to my other 1080p dash cameras.
    The few nit picks I have is that the compass indicator does not work and I can¡¯t figure out how to turn it off. It¡¯s always off. When I¡¯m driving north it¡¯s pointing east. When I¡¯m driving south it¡¯s pointing north.
    Also the clock is wrong. When it¡¯s 12:59 AM it rolls over to 1 PM

  188. Alex The Car Guy

    This mirror dash cam is pretty impressive specially for the price. The screen is crisp and the way it mounts, you can’t really see the straps that hold it to the mirror, makes it look like it came with car from factory. The video quality is good too, I actually have already capture a few close calls where another car almost hit me. I recommend installing the rear camera with the double sided tape seems faster to me than trying to drill holes for the screw mount.

  189. Ken Fike

    This should be standard on all vehicles.

  190. Rithesh

    I bought this dash cam for my second car, it is nice simple operation and very good camera and sensors

  191. guoqiong song

    I was looking for a mirror like this for years, couldn¡¯t find good one, thanks to WOLFBOX, this is perfect, easy to install easy to use.

  192. Xinyu

    Overall very good dashcam and I’m very happy with the purchase.

    I bought this for my old 2013 Chevy Cruz, which does not have back up camera like new cars. Though I bought this mainly for the rear camera, the front camera would add a peace-of-mind because I know there will be evidence in case accident happens.

    – Easy installation of the mirror dashcam. It took me about 10 minutes to setup the dashcam.
    – The video quality from the front camera is good. It has a wide-angle len, so you don’t need to point the camera straight.
    – It is a large mirror, better than the mirror in my car.
    – Reasonable price.

    – Installation of the rear camera would take some time. It does not come with a trim removal tool, so you need to figure out how to remove the trim in order to run the wire.
    – No SD card included.

  193. ashley

    I like it a lot if it still worked, the plug in usb part has broken so the camera doesn¡¯t work now! So sad wish there was a way to replace it.

  194. Alcibiades

    Buen producto, buena calidad. Es una excelente inversi¨®n

  195. Joseph A.

    I rarely write reviews but this one deserves one. Best dashcam I have had, and I have tried many. Clear HD image quality, great product support as I needed a firmware upgrade. Strongly recommend this product.

  196. Daniella

    I have been looking for a good quality mirror dash cam to install in my odyssey. This product definitely worth the investment. The size is perfect for the car, with a high quality view and good night view.

  197. Nick

    All around pretty straightforward everything was pretty easy to install, but it sucks as soon as I got everything installed I went to go turn it on and the button went right up into the mirror I tried getting in contact with the seller to see if I could just return the mirror since I installed everything but I found it very hard to get in contact with them their email didn’t work and their WhatsApp q r code was too old and couldn’t even get in contact with them so that was very disappointing.

  198. Maero D.

    Easy installation and user friendly. I like the quality of this dash come mirror. Night vision is superb and crispy clear. I like that it allows minimal parking monitor without hardwiring it. I asked for the hardwire kit though for full functionality, will give a review of it once I try it.You can also use it as a normal mirror when you turn off the LCD screen and its actually clear.I also love the wide angle view of the camera. Both front and rear.The customer service is heavenly. Fast and timely. They are very responsive.Its been 3 weeks of use and am loving it.Highly recommended.

  199. Dieter Schl?¡ìler

    Die Bildqualit?t ist super selbst durch get?nten Scheiben hinten gut alles zu erkennen zur Nacht sich kann ich nichts sagen noch nicht getestet

  200. Lee Ames

    I installed this on my 1999 Toyota 4Runner and couldn’t be happier. Having an aftermarket rear bumper with a tire carrier made the stock mirror useless. This allows me to be able to see directly behind the truck at all times, plus the forward & rear camera recording is great for my daily commute and off road adventures.The Wolfbox USA support staff is amazing as well. When I had an issue with my rear camera (no fault of the product) they were great and helped me take care of my problem quickly and painlessly!I highly recommend this!

  201. Jerry B.

    I reviewed a lot of dash cams and ordered this one. Many of the others have too many features when all I need is a clear rearview and two cameras recording. I pull a camper with my truck so I mounted the camera by the rear cab upper brake light. My normal rear mirror only showed the camper and rear window. Now I have a clear view of the camper, the truck bed and the view is wide enough so I can see cars along both sides of the camper.Their customer support is excellent. They were quick to respond and fixed my issues and sent replacement parts fast.

  202. Caleb

    High definition, no lag, very useful

  203. Anthony moralez

    So far it’s been a few weeks since it’s been installed, which was easy.. looks good, easy to use. Worth every cent.

  204. Ethan

    A very good functional camera. It was super easy to install, and it only took me an hour. The cords and everything was the right length. It comes with a GPS and a backup camera, which are very helpful!

  205. ZhangYing

    Very easy to maneuver around on the screen. The picture quality is amazing for both front and rear view cameras. The nighttime video is much better than without it. You can use it as a mirror, and it will still record everything. Everything works as described, it is helpful to allow the rear camera to be flipped when displayed. Shipping was fast and so far so good!

  206. normmarissa

    it’s work grate love the backup camI would recommend this to anyone love it.Norm DeSilva

  207. Kelley

    For the price it’s a really good quality mirror dash cam and was easy to set up.

  208. Customer

    don’t know how to install it

  209. Jonathan Rice

    Great camera!

  210. Clinton Harrison

    I received my Wolfbox T10 six weeks ago, just 2 days after I ordered it. My friend, who has a car servicing and repair business, recommended it to me, he said that for months now, the Wolfbox 10 is the only rearview camera/dashcam that he is installing for all of his customers. I like the fact that besides the rear camera, there is a dashcam and ability to record it (using a micro-SD card), you just need to swipe the touchscreen to change between the two, as well as a GPS sensor, quite an array of features.Installation was pretty simple, I just ran the rear camera cord through the back right side of the trunk of my 2001 Acura TL and through past the corner of the right back seat, hiding the cord in the trim above the right-side windows. In my case, I used a T-tap 16-14 connector from the local automotive store to hook up the rear camera wire to the backup light wire, it worked 1st time.The company really does have exceptionally good, attentive customer service, just like other reviewers have mentioned. After a month I had a problem with the power cable, and they sent me a replacement (for free, of course) the same day I wrote them. Overall, I would highly recommend this product!

  211. Karim

    Nothing, everything works as stated

  212. Fernandofrancisco

    Camera was really good.

  213. carl v.

    Very nice dashcam. However wanted to give 5 stars but I cant jjst yet simply becsuse I have the problem that the right back and left back of the car are flipped vertically. So I need a function to flip it back the other way. That is my big issue at the moment. Otherwise its simply 5 stars.

  214. Tom Keller

    I have an older van with poor rear view vision. This is perfect, I drive with rear camera view and can see everything behind me perfectly. It comes with an extra wire which goes to the back up lights for a grid for backing up. I have not attached that yet. After many years of driving it?s intuitive to check the rear view mirror, so it is perfect. The touch screen is very easy to use for settings. I highly recommend this camera. Night vision is very good.

  215. Manny Buehler

    This is a great product it?s pretty discreet and I love the way it looks and functions. The only issue I?ve run into so far is that it won?t lock videos of going over speed bumps and such. Even on the lowest sensitivity it will still lock videos that are not important

  216. BitSmith

    I bought two of these and absolutely love them. Installation was easy, just a matter of tucking the wires behind panels.The best part is that I now have a better view to the rear than with the factory mirror, I now have NO blind spots and the view is not distorted. I can see cars right along side of me at all speeds and distances. I love that I can scroll the camera view up and down to make parking in a tight spot really easy.Installation was easy, just a matter of tucking the wires behind panels.Email tech-support is extremely fast, and when requested, they sent me hardwire power kits for an even cleaner installation.The front camera tilts up and down only slightly and side to side very minimally so the display does not aim as well as I want it to toward the driver.Improvements?Please give the front camera more up and down and side to side swivel ability.Please add Wi-Fi so I can transfer video directly to phone.Bottom line: I?m buying a third unit for family member.

  217. Dragon Suicida

    As of right now there are two 1 star review. Both of them because the buyers failed to read the descriotion. One complaining about no sd card, when description say “no sd card included” the other camplaining about camera not being wireless. Again failure to read descriotion. A 3 star review complaining about cables too short. Once again, failure to read description. People if you are going to make a review don’t blame your lack of research on the item. This mirror and cameras work great. Super clear picture. Easy to install and the menu is simple to set. You tube is your best friend when researching a product to buy. READ descriotion before buying items.

  218. Amazon Customer

    It took me approx. less than an hour to install, with the hiding/routing the wires. I installed it in my wife’s 2008 Ford Escape. picture clarity at both front & rear cameras is awesome. Don’t worry if your not spot on, on the angle of the cameras. you can adjust the view from the mirror. Even though my Mirror unit was defective, i still gave this a 5 star rating. i would give it a 10 star if it were available. I did call Amazon and told them of my issue and my diagnosis of the failure. They were more than happy to send me a replacement. I do recommend this for people who have limited head movement.

  219. David Duong

    My 2 main gripes:1) When the car starts up, the mirror boots to either the front or rear camera. It is an inconvenience because 99.9% of the time, I want the Wolfbox to be in mirror mode display and not in front/rear camera view. So 99.9% of the time, I would have to turn off the Wolfbox in order to use the mirror mode.2) When the rear camera is displayed, the image gets overlayed with the mirror mode if it is viewed at certain angles. In order to get a clear image of what the rear camera is seeing, you have to view the Wolfbox at a straight-on angle. At any other angles, the camera views are mixed in with the views from the rear view mirror. In my photo, the rear camera is displaying my garage door at the same time having the overlay (yellow box) showing what I am seeing in my rear view mirror. It is hard to see it in the photo but it is very apparent in real life.

  220. Aground Cena

    I used for Acura MDX the cable is too short after I buy the new cable longer the camera the power goes out and comes all the times I had problems with a camera and the quality 2.5 k it’s not there

  221. Vicki

    This product worked just as it was described in the ad. I put the unit in my vintage Mustang and works great. I have back issues and this product lets me see everything behind me without turning my head. I would highly recommend this product.

  222. furqan khan

    Updated:I would like to write a realistic review, so here It is.Things I feed good:-Video quality is excellent-With LCD off, you won’t feel a difference at all. It’s perfect.-With GPS records, the latitude, and longitude that’s are helpful in case you need it.-Settings are minimalistic, which is excellent. No extra optionsOn the other side things to consider:-No pry tools & memory card included, so be ready to spend $20 more if you like to do self-installation, which I prefer.- LCD brightness is relatively low, which makes it useless in the daytime.-Speedometer on LCD is useless as it displays in a light color and font size is very small to read the speed while driving-With GPS, it should tell you the direction you are in, for instance, it does display N, W sometime but for some reason, it’s not consistent and same fonts color, and size make it useless.Overall if you prefer to use it as a mirror and on top you?d like to have a dash cam it is good for you.Or if you prefer a bright live video stream you should think of something else as LCD is not safe to use on the road as it?s really hard to identify objects while driving

  223. Talmage Leishman

    I ordered one, installed, used and loved it!… until i one day it didn’t turn on. so i reached out to the maker and told them what happened and they sent me a brand new kit free of charge! Awesome company!

  224. AmazonianTop Contributor: Baby

    Good quality product. Came well packaged and with lots of goodies. Took an unboxing picture to show what it comes with and its packaging.It?s helpful for especially older cars that don?t come with rear and front cameras and GPS and such functions that this product is made for already. GPS mapping function in this saves you money for getting a separate GPS. The cameras are very clear. Easy to use. And can be turned off if preferred.So far so good. Happy with our purchase.

  225. Sara

     I wanted a front and rear dash cam for my car and I’m really glad I bought this one. It’s well made and looks great. The video quality is really good, I’m very happy with it. This setup comes with the mirror dash cam, backup camera, gps module, car charger, and rubber straps. Its packaged well and arrived quickly.This dash cam has a resolution up to 2560 x 1440P (2.5K) in the front and 1080 x 1080P in the rear. The glass on the mirror is an ultra high transparent optical glass which helps to prevent glare. The mirror is a 10¨® touch screen with a wide field of view and displays real time traffic situations. The high performance chip in it makes the footage so clear you can easily see license plates and road signs at night. THe footage records on a loop so even if the memory card gets filled it will continue to record. It also has a smart g sensor function that will lock emergency videos automatically and manually. It also comes with a gps tracker that will record your speed and exact direction while you are driving. The backup camera is waterproof so it can be installed outside the vehicle and it is easy to install.

  226. Sam

    This driving recorder is very good, the picture is clear, the most important thing is simple operation, it can be used when connected to the power supply of the car, you can choose your own language, hang it on the rearview mirror of the car and occupy no space at all, it is convenient and easy to use. Great product,Good quality

  227. Terry P.

    The product is exactly as promised, an excellent deal at an excellent price. Had a defective power cord and company replaced it immediately – down time was negligible – good people. Many kudos to the company!!

  228. STEVIE

    I want a rear view camera for my old Toyota and am happy that I get this one. The price is relatively low compare with other brand that has same feature, installation was ok with some tape and the provided tool, I was able to tuck in the wires to connect light wire to the thinner camera wire and from the back to the front and front to the dashboard .The feature I like are: nice picture and video quality, great GPS mapping, livestreaming from rear view is clear and no interference from the glare of the sun, included trim tool is helpful when touch the pointed ends,so far the only cons I found are the screen sometime will froze and the unit is slow to respond to touch commands. I will watch it and update later.

  229. Aloha NinjaTop Contributor: Photography

    I bought this to replace my previous one, I like this style of dash cam. It’s quite useful for older vehicles (I drive a 2008 Honda Element) and I like how useful the camera is when I load up my vehicle to the point I can’t see out of the back. It’s also for blind spots as well as changing lanes.I opted for the Wolfbox 2.5K mirror dash cam, and so far it’s doing it’s job. I do wish that it was brighter – it’s kind of dim at it’s brightest. I live in Hawaii, and the sun can definitely over power this mirror when I’m driving. Otherwise I like this dash camera.PROs:+ Front camera is pretty sharp+ Back camera looks pretty sharp during the day or with ample sunlight/light+ Comes with a GPS module+ Easy to setup+ The interface is simple and easy to useCONs:- The back camera doesn’t come with the proper tool to tighten it in place- The back camera doesn’t fair well at night time (the “anti” glare glass, doesn’t exist- The camera function ONLY works for the front facing camera- Doesn’t come with a trim removal toolOverall it’s pretty good, I’m keeping it for now. I’m hoping it’ll last longer than my previous one. The old one only lasted for 2 years before it started to shut-off on it’s own. I would still recommend this brand over my old-one (Junsun) if anyone cares. I haven’t had a chance to see the 2.5K quality of the camera yet. I will update this review when I have a chance to extract some video and a photo.All in all, great budget friendly dash camera mirror – great alternative to other cameras on the market. I like that it comes with a GPS module. Honestly the only reason why I opted for this Brand over others.

  230. Mm

    I have used this dash cam for several days, all the function works good .I think one of the biggest advantage is clear and stable,the screen is huge enough,the image is super clear even in the night, it worths the money.

  231. Bella zhuo

    This driving recorder is very clear, much better than the two I have used before. The camera has a large shooting range. I like it thank you very much

  232. JXY

    Easy to be mounted and it shows high defined images. Everyone should finish the settings before pulling the car, the screen needs to be touched accurately. Totally good quality, recommend.

  233. Suu

    Light weight, easy to install. The backup image is clear. Recommend it!

  234. Gin R.

    Dual camera records both front and rear of the car, the video is recorded in full hd. It switches to a rear camera mode when reverse is engaged. Clear screen. I like that it can be turned off if desired. Shows current speed and compass which is very useful.

  235. Kyle Moore

    This is not my first Wolfbox dash cam…. And certainly will not be my last! This dashcam is an amazing piece of tech for the price it offers. Packaging is 10/10 with a reusable inner box with magnets that close the box. Outer sleev is beautiful and presented so well! Camera quality is amazing with g force sensors to auto lock files when it senses a large jump in g force. Records front and rear at the same time as soon as its powered on. Powers off after 2 seconds of not detecting power. Stays active with parking alert. Gps is accurate and useful in my car due to speedo not reading correctly. 10 inch is perfect size for my windshield in my car as my old style 12 inch would create a small Blindspot although nothing I couldn’t get used too. Only gripe i have is the old cameras allowed for switching between cameras on the main screen. This one doesn’t appear to have such button but im sure the Wolfbox team will push out a firmware update to fix this as their customer support is honestly one of the best I have dealt with! Overall great bang for your buck

  236. Hugo alvarado

    I recently tinted my cars windows and was having trouble seeing at night so I purchased this mirror two days ago. It arrived in a day and I was able to install it in less than an hour. All the wires are easy to conceal. No hanging wires or anything.For having zero experience with wiring and electrical this was easy to do. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a mirror to drive with and park with.To top it off it?ll record if your ever in an accident and it?s quality is amazing.I?m even going to purchase the 12 inch model for my other vehicle.Will add pictures later.

  237. John W

    I bought a 12¨® and 10¨® model of this mirror to compare which one would fit better in my midsize Acura MDX. After almost two weeks of use, here are my impressions:Pros:- More of a tip, but make sure you plug everything in and test everything before you start routing cables.- The size of the rearview mirror in my SUV is 10¨®, the 12¨® mirror fit over it perfectly and had room for the camera. This 10¨® model also fits over my rearview mirror, but you have to extend the camera out. If you have a 10¨® mirror, I suggest going with the 12¨® wolfbox version. Both versions, I was able to use my OEM sunshade for my windshield without hitting the mirror.- Keep in mind that this doesn?t come with a mini SD Card. Make sure you purchase it separately (the 12¨® one does come with one). I highly recommend getting a 64GB card, anything higher might cause issues.-Another tip, use a computer and format your new mini SD card to ExFAT D otherwise the mirror won?t be able to read your card.- Quick install. I mounted the rear camera with the double sided tape to the glass of my SUV tailgate. That way it doesn’t get dirty or wet. The higher position also reduces the camera being blinded by headlights straight on at night as opposed to it being mounted by your license plate.- I have a trailer hitch with a two bike carrier. With the two bikes on, when I reverse with the OEM backup camera, I can?t see a thing. Since I mounted this camera higher up, I now have an angled top-down view when I reverse.- I don?t keep the rearview screen running all the time (but I do keep it recording). That?s like driving with a iPhone glued to your rearview mirror. I only have the screen on when I reverse or when my cargo area is full of boxes, balloons or people, I can’t see out of the rear view mirror D this fixes that issue.- Both the 10 and 12¨® screens makes navigating and watching recordings easy. The UI was surprisingly easy to navigate and responsive. I like how you can swipe left and right to change cameras and swiping up and down adjusts the brightness.- There isn’t an app to wireless transfer the recordings. So you have to plug the miniSD card into a computer. Navigating the folders to the files are pretty intuitive.- Good value for your money. Can?t believe how fast technology evolves and we?re able to get a touch screen dashcam mirror with GPS for a little over a hundred dollars.- Excellent and responsive customer service. I had a few questions on set up and they replied very quickly.Cons:- In the manual, it says that there is an overlay option. Where you can use the mirror as a regular mirror and have the GPS/Date/Time overlayed with the screen off. I was not able to find that feature anywhere in the settings.- No automatic brightness adjustments. In modern cars when the headlights come on, the tachometer and infotainment would dim accordingly. But I can see how this could be a liability as well.- I like to use the mirror in screensaver mode, where it turns off the display on the mirror after a minute. But I wish there was some sort of indicator that the cameras were recording. Maybe a small red dot somewhere. This could be added in a firmware update.- Firmware. You have to contact support occasionally to see if there is a firmware update. But most people don?t mess with firmware updates, unless absolutely necessary.None of these are show stoppers, just mild quirks that you can adjust to.

  238. cathee

    Overall, this camera is a great buy for the price and feature set.Camera quality is pretty good in the recordings. The screen was an easy installation. Just a couple rubber straps and you’re done. The camera interface via the touch screen works very well. Swipe up or down easily adjust the footage angle. There has a feature on the menu to rotate the rear camera view, in case you need to mount it upside down.I was surprised how much I now enjoy such a wide and unobstructed field of view behind me compared to the standard mirror,  I was able to see more on either side of my vehicle as well. I looked at the footage frame by frame and actually could read the license plates of three vehicles. Also surprised by how bright the images were at night. The night vision worked great.The device also has a ‘G-Sensor’ and automatically turns on and starts recording for a few seconds to catch people if they’re messing with your car. And the sensitivity is adjustable.And I got a hardwire kit from the WOLFBOX support team, I did not want to give up my lone power outlet.I’ve recommended this product to friends and family, it’s an excellent mirror camera!

  239. My Son’s Dad

    The review mirror dashcam is easy to install. The overall installation wasn’t bad, much of the time was for fishing the cables out to where they needed to be. I have the dashcam hardwired to the car for convenience. the quality of the picture is incredible even at night. It’s not grainy at all. I’m also able to read the license plate number off the car behind me.The housing for the rear camera is pretty large, so I had to install it off center to the left. This makes for an interesting exercise determining where the edges are when using the backup camera function. I may try to offset the camera at an angle and see if I can correct it.

  240. William Harper

    Nice product but it has error effects. The rotate button doesn’t work at all, he backup camera is just a mess, all the features stated is not available on the item.

  241. Star Wars nut

    it weighs too much dropping my mirror so I have to readjust it every day. the brightness is to high, even on it’s lowest setting so I have to manually turn it off every time I turn on the car or go in reverse. it records 0s long clips that can’t be deleted unless you first download it to a computer. and I lose the function of my night rearview mirror. and the built in mirror is not as clear as original and vibrates more. more a problem with my car, but I don’t have a good place to plug it into. And I messed up installing the rearview camera.

  242. MARCIN A.

    What a fantastic deal it was! I have not seen this kind of image quality, both day and night, ever. In-loop recording from both cameras, GPS location, and G-sensor make it easily compete with units three times the price.

  243. Caroline Rose

    Product is awesome and I love it. I had a professional install it bc I wanted the cords hidden well. Works well..camera quality is decent. Only issue i had was the camera will shut off sometimes while I’m driving..very rare.


    As a repeat purchaser of this product I’m really looking forward to the quality upgrades by this manufacturer. It’s an excellent product that provides that extra sense of safety when going down the road or backing into tight dark areas.

  245. Meloman

    I recommend it for anyone who is looking for quality cameras. I was a bit hesitant at first before I purchased it, but I?m glad that I did make the purchase. I read a few reviews complaining about low qualityAnd Glare but from my experience after my install which was an easy install everything worked perfect.

  246. Luis alba

    Had it replaced and installed it, it is a must have for your vehicle really great gadget

  247. Benji

    Awesome product

  248. Chuck

    With this camera I can absolutely back right up to ant trailer and place the ball right under the hitch.

  249. Isiah

    Videos loops like crazy if you don’t hurry up and check footage.

  250. Joemc

    Much reflective glare

  251. Tmaest

    One if the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Almost perfect, front camera is a little crooked (how the camera waa mounted IN the rearview) but otherwise awesome. Perfect little spot for the rear view on my 02 suburban

  252. vicente

    Love it

  253. John cao

    I live in Chicago…enough said lol,originally I bought this product for the parking monitor/dash-cam+rear.FUN FACT caught a dealership employee training a inexperienced employee how to drive my manual car and was about to drive it out onto the lot, luckily I added a alignment to the oil change LAST MIN. so a new employee took over. All on video the Wolfbox.Ok…u want the sauce right?WHAT THE PROS U SAY?Neck-BreakerPeople wont tailgate as much or not a all once the mirror is noticed.Nicely packagedSolid Device + Camera UnitsPlug n playBoot up is sexy (logo is perfect n boot up sound)Display and Touch screen 9 out of 10 (NOT A DEAL BREAKER)Audio output and microphone perfect.Function and setting are clean (could use some very minor improvements)Device does what its design to doGPS works as it should.Camera angel and function works beautifullyCons:Old generation micro usb style connection (buy a hardwire kit) for a clean install .If you have buttons on your rearview mirror like mine for garage,comp and plan on reusing it at some point. The unit mount could push in on the buttons. Could damage buttom if they stay pressed. Aswell car sending constant signals to open/close garage :] I unplugged stock.Lane Merge warning does give false alarmsThe menu theme needs to be refined.The recorded vids navigation screen can use a scroll button instead of sliding thru the listing,Videos description is confusing if you need to locate a video.Sdcard card navigation is confusing if you need to locate a videoSome functions and abbreviations needs descriptionDoes not come with plastic prying/wedge toolsDoes not come with hardwiring option.Cant customize(theme,background,text)This last one is more of a personal suggestion.Needs a valet mode (the device remains recording even when the car is off, if tapped into a continuous power source by toggling a menu option aswell as internal battery and locking the device with a pin) only display reverse camera no hud, of course screen saver kicks ok saving power

  254. James

    I like it so far. I haven’t had a chance to hook up the rear camera yet.

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