i03 | Built-in WiFi 2.5K Front&Full HD 1600P Recorder Dashboard APP Control


  • 2.5K UHD Dash Camera for Cars
  • Built-in WiFi and APP Control
  • Super Night Vision
  • Loop Recording & G-Sensor
  • 12/24H Parking Monitor&Easy to Install
  • Worry-Free Aftersales
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The WOLFBOX i03 dashcam can record up to 2560*1600P/30fps video. The dash camera with a 170°wide-angle front camera can easily cover 4 channels without  blind spots.

2.5K UHD Dash Camera for Cars

The WOLFBOX i03 dashcam can record up to 2560*1600P/30fps video. The dash camera with a 170°wide-angle front camera can easily cover 4 channels without  blind spots.You can enjoy excellent videos and see a wider field of vision. At the same time, i03 dashcams adopts a mini and portable design, which will not bring you visual disturbance, and provide you with a safer driving environment during the driving process.


Built-in WiFi and APP Control

View and manage your car dash cam wifi in real-time with the WOLFBOX APP on your iOS or Android device. By using this app, you can directly download the recorded 2.5k video to your smartphone and share them on social media or with your family and friends. All the functions of the camera for car are controlled by the APP. Please make sure that the APP is connected to the i03's WiFi before using it. Notice: The effective distance of WiFi is 3-5m.


Super Night Vision

The wireless dash cam is equipped with Sony Starvis Sensor, F1.5 large aperture and HDR/WDR advanced technology, i03 HD dash cam front will will automatically balance the exposure in extremely dark conditions to achieve super night vision. you can get a clear view and capture road signs, license plate, etc. Therefore, when you travel at night, the dashboard camera can also record relatively clear videos. In case of emergencies, it will provide you with certain protection.



Loop Recording & G-Sensor

The car dash camera can seamlessly loop recording, and when the memory card is full, it will automatically overwrite the oldest video with the newest video. when the driving recorder detects that the vibration or collision reaches the sensing level set by the car cam G-Sensor, it will automatically start recording a locked video for 1 minute. It prevents the video from being overwritten. A locked video in an emergency will provide you with effective protection.


12/24H Parking Monitor&Easy to Install

Using a dedicated hardwire kit, i03 dashboard camera for cars can realize 12/24 hours of all-around condition monitoring. When the dash cam wireless is in parking monitoring mode, and the built-in G-Sensor detects a collision or impact, the dashcams will automatically record a locked video. plus i03 dash cam is designed to be mini and hidden, it can easily be attached to a car's windshield in seconds using the included 3M sticker.


Accessories Included in the Package

Accessory Function
I03 Hardwire KitFor dash cam or other device powered by Type-C port, 5V/2A steady output, voltage input supports from 12V-24V. Compatible with almost all dash cam brands in the market.Directly to the battery for constant 24hrs/7days power to protect against theft when your car is in the parking lot.Directly to the ignition wire for power only so it can turn on and off with the ignition and you don’t have to worry about plugging in the charger, or turning the dashcam on, or any such stuff. Low voltage protection-It has a smart low voltage protection system that will automatically shut off the power to your dash cam when the battery
33Feet Rear Camera Extension Cord CableThe original rear camera cable for G840S / T10 / T10 Plus / D07 is 20 feet, this is a 33feet replacement longer cable
128GB Micro SD Card:Full HD video recording and playback (Full HD (1920×1080) video support may vary based on the host device, file attributes, and other factors). Up to 98MB/s transfer read speed, lets you move up to 1000 photos in a minute. Ideal for Android smartphones and tablets, and MIL cameras with Capacities of up to 128GB. to store even more hours of Full HD video (Approximations; results and Full HD (1920×1080) video support may vary based on host device, file attributes, and other factors.)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Small fomat but Hi Res Picture

This is the first dash cam I have ever purchased. The size of the unit is what I was looking for 3.375 in x 1.25 in x 1.75 in. The WOLFBOX i03 Dashcam is a forward looking cam only. It records in 2.5K. The app was easy to connect to the WiFi of the WOLFBOX i03 Dashcam. Install was fairly straight forward. The power cord was long enough to run from the unit, around the upper and lower parts of the windshield to my cigarette lighter type outlet on the top of my dashboard. I installed it just to the right of the rear view mirror. From the drivers seat I cannot see the dash cam, which is what I was trying to do. The playback of the videos are very crisp. When the memory card is plugged into my 4K LG TV the videos come right up and I am able to play right from the screen. You may need a player on your computer to play a .TS files. The videos playback on your phone as well. $59.99 US it has the features I wanted. Others out there have more features, but I was looking for a small device with a great picture. The WOLFBOX i03 Dashcam is a perfect fit for me.

Anthony Ruiz
For under $60, it's a good dashcam to have in every car

This dashcam is good enough, at a decent price-point to make sure you have footage of any major events that happen. It takes about 5 minutes to setup from box opening to recording. Connecting to the wifi of the camera to see recordings can be a little much at first. But I don't check my videos everyday for it to be an issue. After turning on my car, a voice (can be turned off) tells me it started recording after ~5 seconds. Video quality is good but still pictures are not, which I would just screenshot the recording anyways. Overall, everyone should have a dashcam and not need to be out over $100, which this fits the bill.

Verified Purchase

I bought this due to my luxury car getting hit and runs at my jobs parking garage (yes, no cameras there). It is really clear imaging during the day and subpar for nighttime. When you take screenshots or image capture the quality is horrible. The "start recording" robot voice is loud and of an Asian woman, with the addition of a chime. The camera recording does loop in 1 min increments, which causes one too many videos saved. I drove around for almost an hour and had 73 videos saved to my camera. YOU HAVE TO HAVE a micro SD card in it to use it. The wiring is super long and it's inconvenient unless you buy wire clips to put around your windshield and car interior. I like the quality for the cost, I don't want to spend over a 100$. It's practical and does what I need it to.

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