WOLFBOX G850 Rearview Mirror Backup Camera Dash Cam


  • Advanced Techology,Super-class visual experience
  • Large Screen & Real 4K
  • Loop Recording,G-sensor,Parking Monitor
  • Reverse Assistance,Stream Media,Rear cam flip & mirroring
  • 32g SD card & GPS Included
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Large Screen & Real 4K Mirror

Equipped with 12-inch 4K mirror front camera and WDR rear camera, bringing super clear and smooth video experience, helps you read the key details like road signs, and vehicle number plates and offers better-defined details. G850 dash cam 4K mirror combines WOLFBOX's most advanced technology and takes into account the high-cost performance.




Type-C Interface & Super Capacitor

WOLFBOX has upgraded the super capacitor and TYPE-C interface for the G850 mirror dash cam with backup camera. The super Capacitor is designed to withstand extreme temperatures of -4°F to 149°F to prevent the risk of overheating, explosion, and melting.






WDR/HDR Technology

Both front and rear cameras feature WDR/HDR technology to capture clear, lifelike images in even the most demanding lighting conditions, never darkened or corrupted by shadows, glare, reflections, and sunlight. In rainy and snowy nights, G850 rear view mirror backup camera brings you more realistic images.





Looping Recording, G-sensor & Parking Mode

Loop recording will automatically overwrite the old files when the SD card is full. G-sensor detects a sudden collision and locks the collision footage, so dashcam with rear camera won't overwrite locked files; the Parking monitor functions as a surveillance camera system while the vehicle is off (need to be powered by a hardware kit).






Reverse Assistance, Stream Media, Rear Cam Flip & Mirror

After connecting the red wire of the rear cam to the positive electrode of the reverse light, the reverse line appears when you turn to "R" gear; The streaming media enlarges the scene behind the car by 1.5 times, provide a wider field of view. The rear cam flip & mirror function makes this dash cam perfectly compatible with RVs, pickups, and trucks, etc.




Additional information

Weight 2.27 oz
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 3 in

G850, G850+hardwire kit, G850+33 feet cable, G850+hardwire kit+33 feet cable, G850+HARDWIRE KIT+33 FEET CABLE+128GB CARD

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Going to have a dash cam from now on

All cars Need the protection

Well-featured Dash Cam at an affordable price

Note: I have been informed that the hardware has changed since I posted this review. Please note that this is for the first gen G850.

I've had a few dashcams, but this is my first mirror dash cam. I was worried how this would work as a mirror replacement, but my concerns were unfounded. Even with the screen on, I can see either the content in the mirror or the content on the screen based on where my eyes focus. It works surprisingly well. With the screen off, the mirror functions satisfactorily also.

The UI is intuitive and easy to understand.
The camera properly switches to the rear when reversing, and switches the screen back on if it was off.
You can switch between cameras, and you can set a default view.
The screen has a timeout functionality which is disabled by default. You can have it fully turn off the screen, or have it enter a screensaver mode, which leaves the screen on; but only displays the direction and speed. I prefer to use the screensaver mode.
You can tap the power button once to shut the screen off. It will turn back on when reversing, by tapping the power button, or touching the screen.

There is no indicator on the camera that it is on if the screen is off. This makes it very easy to leave on and recording after you've shut the car off. This can be avoided by leaving the screen on or in screensaver mode, but that can make it a bit difficult to use the mirror part at night.

The screen is nice and clear and the screensaver mode is great (shows direction, speed, and time only).

Cons: The screen is a bit bright at night even in screen saver mode. An OLED screen would rectify this, but would likely increase the cost too much. There does not appear to be any auto-brightness adjustment, meaning the brightness must be manually adjusted based on the time of day.

The front camera provides 4K, 2.5K, and 2K video options. 4K video has slightly more detail than 2.5K, but only runs at 25 FPS. 2.5K will record at 30 FPS. For this reason, I prefer to use the 2.5K video option.
It is difficult to read license plates unless they are close and off to the side, likely due to distortion from the wide angle lens.
Video Quality is satisfactory at night.

Cons: 25 FPS for 4K recording.

Rear Camera:
The rear camera records in 1080p video. It is difficult to read license plates, likely due to distortion from the wide angle lens.
The software supports installing the rear camera in different positions depending on your use case.

Includes plenty of cabling for most cars. I was even able to run the power cable to my rear outlet.

Cons: Requires a dedicated outlet and the power adapter provides no extra USB ports. Will not even power off a USB PD port.

The GPS grabs satellites quickly and seems accurate.

Aussie TX
Great for my Class C RV

Very impressed with the quality of the picture in my rear view mirror. What used to be looking at the inside of my rig is now a crystal clear view of what is behind me. The camera is mounted to the roof ladder which is mounted on the drivers side at the rear but the image is just as good as if it was centered.
Have now covered a little over 1000 miles across county and it has worked flawlessly.
Installed on a 2007 Winnebago Access 29T.
I purchased the longer 33 ft however it was still approx 7 ft too short. Was able to find a 15 ft extension cable online to make up the difference. If your RV is 30 ft or longer be sure to order the 50ft cable Wolfbox has available.

Benson Lee

WOLFBOX G850 Rearview Mirror Backup Camera Dash Cam

Franco Ramonda
indispensable very high quality

It is a complete mirror, the video quality of the front and upper camera is fantastic, easy installation and aesthetically beautiful.
I removed the original mirror and there are the supports for the total replacement

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