WOLFBOX D07 4k Dash Cam Front And Rear Car Camera


  • 4K Ultra HD Recording Dash Cam
  • Super Night Vision
  • Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS
  • G-sensor & Parking Mode
  • Easy Installation & Guarantee
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If you buy the 'like new', this product is almost brand new.
If you buy the 'good', the appearance of this product is slightly flawed, but it will never affect your normal use!


Real 4K UHD+1080P Dual Dash Cam

The front camera of WOLFBOX D07 dash cam provides top 4K(3840*2160P) image quality and F1.4 Large Aperture. The rear camera adopts 1920*1080P that captures super night vision. Wide-angle front (170°) and rear (140°) cameras of this front and rear dash cam help eliminate the blind spots of your vision, increasing your security.



Super Night Vision

Equipped with WDR(Wide-Dynamic) technology, this 4K dash cam front and rear car camera ensures the clarity of images at night, records clear details even in low-light environments, improving driving safety, and provides crystal-clear video quality in the daytime. Car license plates can be easily seen.


Built-in Wi-Fi Dash Cam with GPS

The dash cam front and rear car camera includes built-in GPS, accurately recording your driving route and speed. Route and speed information that will become your important evidence can be managed on your iOS and Android devices via a provided app. Built-in Wi-Fi dash cam allows you to download your recorded videos directly to your smartphone for instant sharing on social media.


Dual Parking Monitoring

WOLFBOX D07 dash cam has two distinct parking mode features. By using the dedicated hardware kit, the mini recorder will have two modes of "G Sensor Trigger Record" and "Time-Lapse Record". G Sensor Trigger Record Mode allows you to record only when there is an impact detected. Time-Lapse Record allows you to record 24H in timelapse while you are away. Tips: When using Time-Lapse mode, G sensor trigger record mode will not work.



Easier Installation for Rear Camera

Dash cam installation only takes seconds with the magnetic window mount. Removing and attaching the camera to the mount is fast and easy. At the same time we designed the rear camera to be installed inside and outside the car, if you hate cumbersome wiring, you can install the rear camera on the rear windshield.

TYPE-C Power Port

Compared with the traditional mini-USB interface and micro-USB, it avoids the problems that are likely to occur when in use, including restart, black screen of death, and deformation caused by high temperature, which can ensure smooth and high-definition video recording.

Super After-sales

We uphold the principle of customer first. The D07 portable dash cam comes with a full 12-months warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you have any questions, please con-tact us via Amazon and we will answer any questions/concerns you may have. We provide 7*24 hours of technical support. Note, SD card is not included.


Accessories Included in the Package


Accessory Function
D07 Hardwire KitFor dash cam or other device powered by Type-C port, 5V/2A steady output, voltage input supports from 12V-24V. Compatible with almost all dash cam brands in the market.Directly to the battery for constant 24hrs/7days power to protect against theft when your car is in the parking lot.Directly to the ignition wire for power only so it can turn on and off with the ignition and you don’t have to worry about plugging in the charger, or turning the dashcam on, or any such stuff. Low voltage protection-It has a smart low voltage protection system that will automatically shut off the power to your dash cam when the battery
50Feet Rear Camera Extension Cord CableThe original rear camera cable for G840S / T10 / T10 Plus / D07 is 20 feet, this is a 50feet replacement longer cable


WOLFBOX D07 4k Dash Cam Front And Rear Car Camera

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
The best dash camera for car!

It took me for awhile to figure out how it work. It’s just easy to use. This dash camera picture and video are nice quality!


Just want to buy a dash camera for my new car to avoid some accidents. I hope the video recorded by the new dash camera will be clearer. And finally I chose this one as its 4K Ultra HD after a long time selecting.I can’t wait to install and check if the dash camera meets my requirement after receiving it.Finally, it didn't disappoint me. The pictures are very clear.It also works well at night.I am so satisfied with it that I decided to buy a hardwire kit to keep the dash cam recording when the car is off. After my test, the built-in G-sensor is sensitive. When in parking mode, the dash cam will automatically power on and start recording when a sudden movement is detected.It’s just like my own monitor.So I think there is no need to worry about accidents with this small dash cam.

I installed it 3 days ago and this happened..

I decided to buy this cam because my wife was t-boned and the guy lied to police and insurance because he ran a stop sign.

My new cam caught this near collision with a speeding driver who came up fast behind me and swerved at the last second, lost control and then drifted around my car which was going about 65 mph on the highway. I would upload the rear cam footage but Amazon only allows 1 video per review. I included snap shots of rear camera footage incident.

The rear camera quality is not very good at night, but the front camera is pretty great. It was easy to install and hardwire, but beware the hardwire kit does not come with piggy back fuse holders for the original fuses. I was told by the seller I could cut the plug end off and wrap the wire around the fuse. I decided to just buy piggyback fuse holders and splice them on to the hardwire kit.

For some reason I can’t get the g sensor to work when my car is turned off and in time lapse mode. The g sensor works fine when I turn the Timelapse mode off. It would be nice to have both work at the same time but haven’t been able to figure it out.

I have all ready recommended this camera to a lot of people.

Eloisa Williams
Worth the investment

Pros: Day or night, picture is clear front and back; there are loads of setting options; downloading for later viewing is simple and user friendly; the camera can be disconnected and removed from the car if one does not want to leave the camera out in subzero weather or in a high crime areas.

Cons: Setting options must be selected while the camera is connected which is difficult on a small screen when the camera is tucked up behind the mirror; the parking'G-Sensor' uses battery power when your car is parked (although only a trickle, my 1-year-old battery died after my car sat for 4 days); if the camera is disconnected, settings must be re-entered.

Overall, a great camera. I bought another one for our 2nd vehicle


Got the product on time and like it. Want to hardwire the camera into my fuse panel and the instructions say to contact their support. I've tried email, Whatsapp and fb messenger. The website says support 24/7. I'm still waiting to hear back. I emailed last night, texts this morning to whatsapp and fb messenger. I even went to their official website and used their email link. I hope I hear back. I have the mirror camera in my jeep and now bought the dash cam 4k for my infinity. I love the camera in my jeep. Gets great footage, front and back cameras. So cool!!!!

Update: 03/14/2022
So I got back an email with an apology for not getting back sooner. Was asked to send them a picture of my fuse panel cover so they could give me instructions on how to wire the camera directly into my fuse panel. Also they are sending me a kit, which is required to hardwire the camera into my fuse panel. So I upgraded the seller to a 5 star rating. Great support and product!

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